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Students set New Years resolutions to better themselves

Starting the new year, Eastern students make plans to improve their lives this year.

With any new year comes people making resolutions. 

Eastern’s community shared what they intend on accomplishing in 2024. 

Stephen Torres, junior, music major said he wanted to be more patient in the new year. He said he wanted to “take life as it comes.” He also said that he did not want to stress so much on things going on in his life. 

Torres’ method for achieving this would be “to take a deep breath.” School can be overwhelming at times and being able to step back and take a deep breath could ease tension. 

Breanna Heisner, a junior elementary education major, said she wanted to read more and stop “doomscrolling.” 

Heisner described doomscrolling as non-stop scrolling on social media apps. Instead of constant scrolling, she said that when she sees something interesting on the social media apps, she wants to research it and be more educated. 

Heisner said she wanted to read more educational forms of media and go out of her way to know more about things going on in the world. 

Heisner used the example of how there has been a lot going on in Palestine, and instead of just scrolling past it on social media, she wanted to try and do more research and become more informed. 

Within the last couple months, Heisner has read a lot more books. She finds that it is a more useful way to spend her time instead of scrolling on her phone. 

“I can do more information reading for fun,” Heisner said. “I’ve been doing it a couple months already, and I really like it.” 

Raymond Cummins, a senior English major, said his new year’s resolution was to boost his GPA back up. 

Last semester, Cummins said he dealt with a lot of health issues within his family, which took his focus away from school. Towards the end of the semester, his GPA decreased, he said. 

In order to achieve his goal, Cummins said he planned to spend more time “hitting the books” and “actually focusing on my studies.” 

He also intends to be more organized. 

“That’s probably my biggest thing, I’m going to try and schedule out my day a little bit better,” Cummins said. 

Ella Yocum, a sophomore kinesiology major, said that her goal was to be a better person. 

“What that means to me is making sure I am taking other people’s feelings into account. It’s making sure I see different perspectives of people and making sure that I am doing things for others more, so I’m hoping to like volunteer more and stuff like that,” Yocum said. 

Yocum dealt with a rough breakup last summer and realized some things about herself. 

After the breakup, she recognized that she wanted to become a better version of herself, and in doing so, she wanted to give back to others. 

Yocum said she wanted to look internally at herself after the breakup instead of blaming it on outside factors. 


Cam’ron Hardy can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].


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