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Nurturing mental health without therapy

Cam’ron Hardy
A sign of the Human Services Building on Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023 located on Eastern Illinois University’s campus in Charleston, Ill.

Easterns counseling clinic’s purpose is to help students with professional counseling services or mental and emotional health advice.

Each student is guaranteed one initial consultation appointment in which the student can discuss skills, resources, referrals and possibly counseling with one of the clinic’s staff members. 

However, there is currently limited availability for professional in-person counseling. Thankfully, there are multiple options available. 

In regard to the on-campus clinic, there is an on-call counselor who will speak with students who are possibly a risk towards themselves or others. The clinic is also currently working towards hiring two new therapists to help increase availability. 

Outside of Eastern’s campus, hotlines are a helpful resource that the Associate Director of the EIU Counseling Clinic, Jessica Cobert finds to be, “very helpful when someone is not able to get in right away to meet with their therapist.” 

Some common hotlines include the following: 

  1. IL WarmLine (866-359-7953) 
  1. 988 Crisis Hotline 
  1. Text HOME to 741741 
  1. Veterans Crisis Hotline (call 988, then push 1) 
  1. Local 24/7 Crisis Hotline via Lifelinks Mental Health in Mattoon, IL (1-866-567-2400) 
  1. The Trevor Project (Text START to 678-678 or call 1-866-288-7386) 
  1. National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-4673) 
  1. HOPE Domestic Violence Hotline (1-888-345-3990) 

Outside of hotlines, those seeking help can reach out to their family and friends. You can also reach out to your Housing staff (RA’s/ARDs) for help because they are able to provide students with resources as well. 

When asking for help from family, friends or other nonprofessional supports, remember to only disclose to them what you feel comfortable sharing, you are in a private space to talk, and be mindful of others’ boundaries. 

On a more local level, Journey Professional Counseling is located in Charleston, IL at 121 W State St. and can be reached at 217-345-4642. 

There are also counseling apps available. “Mindshift” is an app that focuses on anxiety management that provides help with challenging your thoughts, coping skills and relaxation methods. 

“Fitch” is another counseling app that allows you to journal, set goals and self-reflect, all while connecting with others and engaging in game-like activities. One of these game-like activities is raising your self-care pet, similar to a Tamagotchi. 

One more app is “My Safe Zone,” a simple app that can help assist with breathing and calming techniques in the event of a panic attack. The app also sends daily affirmations that can be personalized to your liking. 

BetterHelp and Headspace are also two online therapy platforms that feature licensed counselors who lead users in mindfulness exercises. 

Remember, it is okay to not be okay and there are plenty of resources available around campus and otherwise to provide you with the help you need and are searching for.

Cobert’s advice to students is to get involved around campus to improve well-being and to retain open communication with professors and loved ones. 


Luke Brewer can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].

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