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Students master the Mediterranean diet

Chandler Smith
From left, Shayla Taylor, Madalyn Stead, and Hannah Hunt look at the Mediterranean diet recipes during the Healthy Cooking 101 session in Klehm Hall.

Students gathered to learn more about different ways to cook and new methods to try out while cooking in Klehm hall on Monday evening.  

Some students understood the cooking techniques, while others had difficulties comprehending the methods for cooking.  

“So, I do not have great cooking skills. So, I thought this could be some place where I could improve those skills.” History International Studies major, Shayla Taylor said.  

The idea of cooking for students starts at home and it is important to understand because cooking is an important part of students’ lives.  

“So, I have started making pasta and stuff at home. Then I would like to make it healthier. Like you must start with things you would like because otherwise you are not going to at all and then you can slowly edge out of your comfort zone.” Senior Elementary Education major Hannah Hunt said.  

Haley Sanders, nutrition education coordinator, led the event. She introduced recipes that follow the Mediterranean diet at the event. This diet includes some protein but also a good balance of other nutrition.  

“The Mediterranean diet is good because it is very focused on the different core grains and fruits and vegetables and kind of scaling back a little bit on those meat products,” Sanders said. “All those combined can really have some good long term health benefits.” 

Students learned ways to understand the importance of food insecurity. 

“It is important to me because Hunger Action Month really focuses on different food insecurities, and everyone needs to eat,” Sanders said. “It is the fundamental way to achieve life. You need water, food, sunlight, etc. So, make sure you have all the nutrients you need to make you successful. Even as a student if you are not getting your nutrients, it can be hard to like to continue going to classes.” 

The experience was nerve racking for some students, but they soon figured out the environment was a judge-free place to learn how to cook.  

“I would say coming to these sorts of like events are particularly good to like, just get out there I was nervous to come but it is a good environment,” Hunt said. 

The environment brings together students that are new to cooking and hopefully grasp a better understanding of diets involved in cooking.  

“I am thankful that the HERC (Health Education Resource Center) really tries to put this on every single every single month,” Sanders said. “We try to do it three times in a semester. So, I just really enjoy it. It not only gets people into the kitchen, but there might also be first-year students who have never cooked on their own. They might be learning how to dice things right now. Or much of it is just eat; I enjoy seeing people’s cooking skills flourish.” 

The issue with most cooking is that students sometimes cannot afford it and the food pantry on campus has seen more students come to the pantry.  

To understand more about healthy cooking and upcoming cooking sessions go to:

History major Madayln Stead emphasized the importance of always washing your hands and not cross contaminating, especially with knives.  


 Chandler Smith can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].

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