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EIU community prepares for cold weather

Cam’ron Hardy

As winter approaches, walking to class seems like the worst thing in the world, especially if you have a class at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. all the way across campus. As the cold starts to progress, it is essential to be mindful of how you prepare for the harsh weather.  

Nobody can change the weather because it is basic nature, but you can change how you deal with it. The Executive Director of Housing and Dining, Mark Hudson, said, “Not only is the weather getting colder a physical adjustment, but it is also a mental adjustment.”  

Hudson also had a lot of advice for the students at EIU. Dressing appropriately is something that will help when adjusting to the cold weather. Having layers and winter gear like gloves, a stocking cap and even a scarf is important.  

Some students might have clothing items they owned previously, but some students might need help accessing appropriate attire for winter. Finding things in your budget that will keep you warm can be a hard thing to do.  

Places like Goodwill or Walmart are good places to start when looking for clothing that will fit specific needs. People could also communicate with friends or family to see what they could loan, even if it is to battle winter for a few months.

Layers can also be nice for when in a classroom as well. If it is too hot in a classroom, layers can be taken off for comfortability. It would be best to plan an earlier time to go to class because to anticipate going to class and have time for any mishaps that may occur.

The winter weather can bring sleet, snow and ice. It is important to watch surfaces to avoid falling in slick places. Even though maintenance will accommodate students during this time by shoveling snow off the sidewalks and making sure paths are clear, it is still smart to ensure there is no chance of getting injured on the way to class.  

It is important for students who live in a dorm to know how to be prepared for the cold as well. If your dorm room is cold, feel free to report it.

“Report it by going to the EIU Housing page on Eastern’s website; if you tell a worker or RA in the building, the issue might not be resolved as quickly,” Hudson said.  

All the buildings will also have heating, but if the dorm is too hot, only open a window for a short time. The heater on the floor will detect colder temperatures, which will only make the heat go to a higher degree. This will only affect the other people on the floor.   

It might be harder for first-year students to adjust to the weather than students who have been at Eastern for many years. It is a completely different environment when the classes are in completely different buildings, and it takes 10+ minutes to walk to class.  

Abi Lesko, a freshman majoring in elementary education, stated her beliefs about the weather changing from warm to cold.

“I hate the weather, and it makes me so sad because it’s harder to get out of bed and walk to class when it’s so cold outside,” Lesko said.

Lesko also said that she lives in Andrews Hall and expressed concern for people who have classes in Old Main and live in the South Quad like her. She plans on layering her clothes and hopes to get a longer coat to keep her legs and upper body warm for the weather.   

“My favorite season is the Spring because I love the warm weather and new growth, which makes me dislike the winter because it’s too cold for me,” Lesko said.

Although Lesko disapproved of the cold weather, some students might find it enjoyable.  

Sam Ermin, a freshman majoring in English education, said how he has a love-hate relationship with the cold weather.

“I hate being hot, but sometimes it can get too cold to be able to enjoy winter,” Ermin said.   

Ermin plans on battling the cold by wearing thermal shirts and socks while also wearing a jacket.  

Eastern students should be aware of the weather changes due to the severity of what winter can bring. The change can take a toll on some people, so it is better to plan for preparation before the walking to class becomes a freezing nightmare.  


Jacob Adcock can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].


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