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Jazz ensemble brings families together

Nathan Bell on trumpet performs the piece Bernie’s Tune apart of the Birdland Quartet at the Jazz Showcase in Doudna Fine Arts Center Thursday. (Ashanti Thomas)

Maria Torres came to see “the star of the show,” her son, Daniel Torres, after his performance at the jazz showcase.

Maria said she was “humbled” to see what her son has been working on.

“I can see the progress from when he started to now, and it’s just amazing, it’s overwhelming.”

Daniel played the trombone at the concert and had multiple solo performances.

Maria said that Daniel has been playing instruments and fell in love with music before he could even walk. He was also self-taught, according to Maria.

He started with the guitar and then transitioned to the trombone and then finally settled with the trombone in elementary school.

As far as a career path, Maria just hopes that Daniel is happy and enjoyed whatever he chooses to do.

“He can make a way of life,” Maria said. “I know he loves music, so as far as for me, as long as he’s happy doing what he loves.”

Daniel’s father, Marten Torres, was also at the performance to watch his son perform.

“Like [my wife] said, [I’m] proud of my son,” Marten said. “I know he loves music and we’re going to support him.”

Daniel received multiple ovations for his solo performances.

Daniel is Marten’s and Maria’s only living son, and Marten said that he is “everything” to them.

Daniel plays for himself and his brother, according to Maria.

“We know in his heart, he’s playing for both,” Maria said.

Maria said the entire family are self-taught musicians.

Marten said that one of his uncles went to Mexico and used to play everywhere he went.

The audience showed their enthusiasm for the performers as they clapped multiple times throughout the performance after certain parts of the show.

August Frisby, a music performance major, performed at the concert and played the saxophone.

His performance was heavily rooted for by audience members, as they cheered the loudest when he was on stage.

Frisby gave multiple long solo performances. He seemed to be having a lot of fun on stage, as he was grooving to the beat of the music and smiling alongside his band members.

Jacob Reeley, a freshman music major, also played piano at the event. It was their first time performing. Reeley said they were kind of nervous before they started.

Jacob Reely, a part of the Jazz Ensemble, performs a piano ballad in the song Lila by Bob Florence at the Jazz Showcase in Doudna Fine Arts Center Thursday evening. (Ashanti Thomas)

“I felt like I was gonna be nervous, and then I wasn’t,” Reeley said. “I don’t know why it felt really good, actually.”

Reeley was nervous about messing up, but the practice paid off when it was time to show everyone what they were working on.

Reeley had been practicing for about five weeks to prepare for the night’s performance.

Reeley said some notes were missed but looks forward to improving for the next concert. Generally, Reeley thought their solo performances were what they excelled at.

Reeley also looks forward to working on new material for the next show. Reeley wants everyone to come out to the next performance, which will be held Oct. 17 in the Dvorak Concert Hall, in the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

12 songs were delivered from four different groups, including the EIU Jazz Lab Band, Birdland Quartet, Blue Note Quintet and EIU Jazz Ensemble.


Cam’ron Hardy can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].


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