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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

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BSU brings enjoyment to jeopardy night

Chandler Smith
Students interested in BSU watches the executive officers present their presentation during BSU meeting in Martin Luther king jr. Union building Monday afternoon.

Jeopardy night was full of excitement with a lot of students at Eastern learning more about history as part of the activities for Black Student Union (BSU).  

There were several questions including questions about Easterns Black history to everyday history that people did not understand or know about.  

Also, some questions that people don’t think of like the question asked during jeopardy “Who was the black king of pop? – Micheal Jackson.” 

There are some students that have never known the answer to some questions that were asked during jeopardy but still enjoyed the game.  

“I did enjoy the Jeopardy game,” said Rheaya Spillers, an early childhood education major. “I learned new facts. There’s stuff that I didn’t know that I learned through Jeopardy. I get to connect with new people and work with the people that I don’t just connect with or work with before,”  

Team names included Rosa Parks to Dr. Kings Dream with many students having fun during different rounds of Jeopardy.  

“I enjoyed it because we won our Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream goal, like we want it, but I enjoyed the questions. Some of the questions,” said health communication major Qwentessa Collins. “I didn’t know the answers to but like soon we found out.”  

The Black student union is a place for students to celebrate and learn more about African American culture.  

“So, the Black Student Union is just a home for the black students here to get together and unite and be with one another and make connections and build bonds that we don’t have the luxury of doing all the time and really just becoming a safe haven,” psychology major Aniyah Smith said. “So being able to get together and just be a part of something that was just for the enhancement of the black students here on campus.  

Smith also talked about the events that they host like parties. BSU helps unite the black community and also helps build connections to get to know one another. 

“So just being able to do the best that we can do and really complete our mission, which is to bring everybody together,” Smith said. 

There were other events and topics addressed during the meeting, including dues, shirts and quotes for the day. 

The Black Student Union has been around since 1967 at Easterns and has a long history of being part of the black community on campus.  

Currently the dues are 10 dollars and for more information on BSU you can contact the student life office at the email [email protected]. 



 Chandler Smith can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].


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Chandler Smith, Reporter
Chandler Smith is a senior broadcast journalism major. He previously served as a reporter at The News.

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