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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

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Doudna Fine Arts Center’s 15th Anniversary Gala (feat. Boston Circus Guild) 

Doudna Fine Arts Center will host its 15th Anniversary Gala will be held Saturday, Sept. 9. (File Photo)

In the vast darkness, only the sound of indistinct chatters and shuffling could be heard. Nearby, breathing was the only audible cue to fill the empty void.  

Some stutter as they breathe out of nervousness while others breathe calmly and collected. Suddenly the air was silent, not a single sound would be heard.  

Then, as the curtains were rushed back and the blinding lights flooded the beautiful, seamless stage, the crowd cheered with excitement, for the entertainment had arrived. 

This is what Morgan Oldham experienced upon visiting Doudna Fine Arts Center for the first time as she stood upon the stage, overlooking the auditorium.  

When she was younger, she had a passion for dancing and pursued it throughout college, only to learn it wasn’t the avenue fit for her. From there, she worked standard jobs such as babysitting and coaching gymnastics, but she always felt that there was a drive and passion missing from her work. 

However, that all changed when she moved to Boston and local performers banded together to form the Boston Circus Guild. 

Ever since then, Oldham has worked as a Creative Director with the group.   

Boston Circus Guild previously visited Doudna with Le Cirque Espirt a few years ago to perform live music, but now they came back in full force for Doudna Fine Arts Center’s 15th Anniversary Gala.  

They chose to return to Doudna because of the performing opportunity and because “the people were so welcoming and helpful,” Oldham said.  

What made the event’s performance special is it’s all new acts that have never been seen before and have been specially crafted for this specific event.  

Upon asking Dennis Malak, the Director of Programming, Publicity and Promotion at Doudna. 

He said that it would be a fun and exciting evening featuring a “once in a lifetime show.”  

A similar thing was reiterated with Oldham when she mentioned how the night will not only be fun for the audience, but also uplifting as the acts were tailored to both entertain the audience and be fun for the performers on stage.  

Oldham also made it clear that everyone at Boston Circus Guild is “grateful and honored to be back at Doudna.” 

At the start of the event, there will be food and drinks provided for the Gala portion of the event on the main stage with the main performance starting at 6:30 p.m., followed by dessert in the concourse.  

Tickets are available for purchase online now at or at the box office in Doudna itself starting Saturday at 5:00 p.m. However, tickets have been selling quickly due to the various sales happening on the tickets.  

For example, the first 50 students to show ID can attend for free. On top of that, after buying four or more tickets, tickets will be reduced by $5, lowering the overall price from $25 to $20.  



Luke Brewer can be reached t 581-2812 or at [email protected]


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