Student film night puts students’ work on display


Photo Illustration

Schedule and flyer of the student appreciation night that took place Thursday, April 27.

Isabella Nantes, Reporter

On Thursday night, nine students showcased the short films that they have been working on all semester before friends, family and faculty. The evening encompassed a culmination of creativity, hard work and support.

Production four is taught by professor Drew Britton and students are tasked with creating a single long-form project throughout the semester. The process for students included, coming up with a concept and developing story boards, to writing a script and putting together a crew to film, help with lighting, sound and costuming for the actors.

Productions can be as extravagant or as simple as the student desires and each film displayed the many different physical and metaphorical angles students took when approaching on the project. With this being the last major project many of these students are working on before graduating, there is much these students have learned and eagerly bring to the table.

Films varied in genre from romantic dramas to thrillers.

Elijah Kubicek, a freshman economics major, went to the event to support his friend, Jessica Nantes, director of “Stream to Eden” and felt enthusiastic to see the art his peers have made.

“I loved the eagerness everybody put into their films, you could tell everybody had fun making it,” Kubicek said.

Ashton Fifield, freshman, held a deep appreciation for the stylistic decisions made in the films stating the angles and shots the directors took were “creative and unique.”

Productions bridged the gap between tv and video production majors and theatre majors by enlisting the talents of Eastern’s very own actors for their films.

Mitchell Cox, a freshman theatre major, plays the role of Ken, the bodyguard, in Austin Corley’s “Sabotage” and came to see his on-screen appearance.

Cox enjoyed seeing the work of all the different student directors. Cox was really “interested to see everybody’s different perspectives and intricacies in their own directive ways.”

Austin Corley, senior tv and video production major, directed “Sabotage” the final film of the evening and it was the second short film he created.

The last short film he made was on the tail end of COVID-19 and he never got to present it to a live audience.

Corley said he loved getting “to hear people be excited about film here” and that it is a special experience being able to have his work play in front of a crowd that includes the tv and video community. He wishes he could stick around a little longer to continue to see the tv and video community grow even more.

The student directors were overwhelmed by the support they received throughout the evening.

The program included the work of:

  • Bailey Annan – “Dull Normal Day”
  • Tavon Evans – “An EIU Love Story”
  • Jessica Nantes – “Stream to Eden”
  • Ethan Lozada – “Squidly and Friends”
  • Paeton Hagen – “Tape”
  • Alonna Baisden – “Woof Woof”
  • Christian Taylor – “Spectrum”
  • Molly Kennedy – “Fatal Resolution”
  • Austin Corley – “Sabotage”