Ways to prepare for finals

Ava Meyer, Reporter

Chris Dixon, a junior finance major, studying for his statistics class, Thursday afternoon at Booth library.
There are different ways and strategies for students to study during final week.  (File Photo)

As finals week approaches, students are gearing up for long hours of studying and stress-filled nights. One of the biggest challenges during this time is finding a suitable place to study. With libraries packed and coffee shops overrun with students, it can be difficult to find a peaceful and productive environment to focus on coursework. However, there are a few options available that can make the process easier.

It is worth considering university-specific options. Many colleges and universities have extended library hours during finals week and some even open up additional study spaces to accommodate the surge of students.

Checking with a school’s library and student center to see if there are any dedicated study spaces available and what their hours of operation are can be useful.

Additionally, some departments may offer study lounges or computer labs that are open for student use, so checking in with department heads can be useful.

Nate Thonphadith, a freshman majoring in business management, said “I really like going to the private study rooms in the Booth Library, it’s secluded and there are no distractions.”

Another option is to look for alternative study spaces off-campus. Many public libraries offer quiet study rooms and extended hours during finals week, and some may even have amenities like Wi-Fi and printing services.

Additionally, community centers or local coffee shops may have quiet areas that are conducive to studying. It may be beneficial to research options in advance and plan accordingly, as these spaces may have limited availability.

For those who prefer to study in a group setting, consider reaching out to student organizations or academic clubs. Many groups reserve conference rooms or study spaces for their members during finals week, and some even organize group study sessions or review sessions. It can be a great way to get support from peers and stay motivated during the final push before exams.

It is also worth considering unconventional study spaces, such as parks or museums. While the spaces may not have the same amenities as a traditional library or coffee shop, they can offer a change of scenery and a refreshing break from the usual study routine.

Planning ahead and bring all necessary materials, such as charging cables or textbooks, to ensure a productive study session can be worthwhile too.

Catrina Oberfeldt, a teachers assistant majoring in art, said that she loves being outside when studying, even if it means she sits on the ground. One of her favorite places to go to study is in the garden on campus.

It is important to prioritize self-care during finals week. While it can be tempting to spend every waking moment studying, it is important to take breaks and allow yourself time to rest and recharge. This can help prevent burnout and ultimately lead to better academic performance.

Taking a walk, practicing yoga or finding a quiet spot to meditate in between study sessions.


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