Best places to study on campus

Karyne Allen, Columnist

Students talk about the best places on Eastern’s campus.  (File Photo)

Eastern Illinois Universities finals are happening next week and the one thing that all students need is a place to focus and study to get ready for their test and projects. Students and faculty have share some where they go to study and do work.

Tim Drachlis, a professor at the school of journalism and communications, said that he is against libraries because in most places they can be more social. He recommended somewhere that is super quiet and he referenced his past as a student to support the reason why he does not recommend the library if the student needs a quieter place.

“All the libraries at the school I went to were huge social scenes,” Drachlis said. He does recommend that students pick a place where they can focus, go to a space where you can be comfortable, can move around a little bit and have food and drinks to take breaks while studying.

Drachlis said that he does offer his students slides that is always online which can help students take notes. He also gave his students study sheets to help them study and know the topics they need to know for the test.

Drachlis also recommended that students look back on all the feedback that they received on previous assignments. He also added to not wait until the last minute to study and to take “ownership of the material.”

One student that enjoyed studying in Booth Library is Miranda Brooke, a Hospitality and Tourism management major.

Brooke said that she likes going to library on the first floor, but she also likes to study on the south quad which is one of her favorite spots to study outside.

Brooke also says that one way to routine information is by writing down stuff several times to help remember things.

Tess Miley, who is also a Hospitality and Tourism management major, said she likes to study at home in bed because that is where she is most comfortable. She said that if it is on campus, it would be the library on the fourth floor because it has couches.

For more visual learners like her she said she, “write things down and go over her notes high lighting the most important things.” She also recommended not procrastinating and trying to get things done ahead of time.

Daniel Olson another Hospitality and Tourism management major said he studies at Booth library but in the basement to study with his roommate. He says one-way that he studies is by making quizlets and rewriting notes to help him remember his notes.

Brian Goad who is engagement coordinator at Lumpkin college says that a lot of students like to go to the student lounge in Lumpkin or students would stay in empty classrooms to study. He says the study spot really depends on the student and what subject it is.

Goad said that he offers students anything they need while studying. He says that it, “hard to tell… they might just need a piece of paper or want to talk.”

He wanted students to maintain focus and keep calm and that it will work out fine.

Nicholas Oliveira-Chaceis, a kinesiology major, said that he likes to study in Lantz’s study hall room because it is quiet and keeps his focus. He said that using note cards helps him to remember definitions.

Army Amyodwarka, a first year experience student success librarian at Booth Library, said that there is a lot of areas where students can study but the third and fourth floor are the noisiest floors in the library where people will do more group work, but the fourth floor has rooms where students can sign out individual study rooms these rooms can hold between two to 10 students at a time. These rooms also have whiteboards and monitors.

Amyodwarka said that on the second floor is one of her favorite spots to get work done because it is where the original windows are, and you can look out onto the atrium.

Amyodwarka recommended that if students want a study room they should book early, and it can be done online. She also encouraged students to find a place that works for them and if they have to it’s okay to move furniture around if students want to.

She said that when studying, students should take breaks and give your brain a break for a couple of minutes. She also said that the library does offer coffee from 10 to 2 on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and snacks are there throughout the day.

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