The News names Wisner Graduate Assistant of the Year

Cam'ron Hardy, News Editor

Jennifer Wisner, a graduate student studying business, was nominated as the Graduate Assistant of the Year for the 2023 DEN People of the Year Edition. (Rob Le Cates)

The News has chosen Jennifer Wisner as the Graduate Assistant, GA, of the Year.

Wisner is in Master of Business Administration program, with a focus in accounting.

Wisner said she being a GA is fun for her and that after graduating in May of 2022, she came back for another year with her GA position under the director of accounting, Nicholas Robinson.

Wisner said she works specifically in the administrative work, which involves her helping and facilitating the accounting events. The student accounting society and Beta Alpha Psi utilized Wisner’s abilities by having her assist them.

“I’ve just really enjoyed being in a leadership role,” Wisner said. “And I feel like I’ve learned a lot through that where being an undergrad, I went to the accounting events, like I met the accounting advisory board and it was part of Student Accounting Society, and now I’ve moved on to a leadership role in that and helping to facilitate that and giving people the experience that I had or finding ways to improve it. And that’s been a lot of fun. For me. It’s been a leadership thing. I’ve learned a lot.”

She hopes to use the skills she is learning now in the real world when she gets her career started.

“A lot of my job is emailing people, talking to people, connecting people together, whether it’s mentors to mentees and student accounting society,” Wisner said. “Trying to get students to come to events and how do we connect with students, and I think that’s been really valuable just learning how to talk to people network and then just handling problems as they come and go with the flow and being that person to where if there’s an issue, they can say, ‘Jennifer, what do we do? And I can help fix that, so problem solving, too.”

With being selected as Eastern’s Graduate Assistant of the Year, Wisner said she is “very honored.”

“I love Eastern,” Wisner said. “I’ve been here for five years, two degrees, it’s been a lot of fun for me, like I really appreciate the campus community. I’ve made a lot of really great friends here. The opportunities through Lincoln College and the School of Business has been great.”

Wisner said the connections that she’s made have been great and the people have been supportive. They have helped her prepare for her life after college.

She has enjoyed her time planning and organizing the events. Being behind the scenes has been “satisfying” to her and being able to see things that she is involved in come together.

“I really enjoy the whole process of it,” Wisner said.

With Wisner graduating soon, she said, “Graduating in a couple of weeks. So just thinking back on it’s like oh, like I do you love this place is really good.”


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