The News names Stringfellow College of Education Person of the Year

Adriana Hernadez-Santana, Junior Feature Editor

Education Professor and EIU-UPI President Jennifer Stringfellow, was nominated ‌as the person of the year for the College of Education for the 2023 DEN People of the Year Edition. (Han Byer)

Jennifer Stringfellow, the associate director in special education, as well as the president of the Eastern’s UPI chapter, has been selected for College of Education Person of the Year. 

Coming to her as a surprise, Stringfellow said that she was not prepared for the nomination in the slightest. Hearing about her winning was a shock to say the least. 

“It was daunting, but it’s also very rewarding and very flattering,” Stringfellow said. 

One of the biggest things about being a professor in the special education department is ensuring the students are sure about who they are as a person. 

As the president of the UPI strike, it was more critical than ever for her to have a voice. 

Luckily, this talent does not go unnoticed. 

“To me it is really important to have a strong voice so to have students recognize that on some level is really gratifying,” Stringfellow said. “To know that you want to have an impact when you’re a teacher,  and  it’s just nice to know sometimes that you actually do [have an impact].” 

One positive that did come out of the strike was the opportunity to meet different people, not just in her field, but in other areas of campus as well. It gives her the ability to hear their concerns. Stringfellow says that it was super helpful to learn the other struggles and find solutions. 

“It allowed me to get to know other people in other domains on the campus much better,” Stringfellow said. 

As for being an educator to the students, Stringfellow is proud of what she and her fellow professors on campus.

“I love the young people that I have met here and I’ve gotten the opportunity through all of this to meet even more, and I am never disappointed,” Stringfellow said. 

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