Line dancing provides a fun experience for students


Chandler Smith

Students line dancing April 5.

Chandler Smith, Reporter

Line dancing is a tradition from past to present and for some the continued tradition dancing at Eastern’s McAfee Gym started early. 

Kayla Tomaszkiewicz, a junior communication disorders and sciences major, and Lindsey Schwerdlin, a sophomore communication disorders and sciences major, helped teach the line dancing technique to students and welcomes students to the underground line dancing club.  

“I started dancing when I was really young,” Tomaszkiewicz said. “I loved dancing so much, and line dancing was something that just kind of spoke out to me and my mom’s country. My dad’s city got a little bit country, just kind of mix me together. That’s how I started and I came here three hours away from home and I have always been in love with country and I didn’t hear that there’s a line dancing place here any club to go dancing,” Tomaszkiewicz said. 

With that, Tomaszkiewicz and Schwerdlin started a club for students to participate in line dancing.  

“She had asked somebody if there was any more dance around here like specifically line dancing because she line dances at home and everybody looked at us like we were crazy, and jokingly said that we should start a club and I don’t think anybody expected us to take it seriously,” Schwerdlin said.  

The club dances to more than just Cotton Eye Joe country music, but also to pop songs by artists such as Ed Sheeran.  

“It’s a little bit more easier for people to get comfortable with learning pop music, [and] dancing instead of just all country because country’s not really well known,” Tomaszkiewicz said.  

With that, Schwerdlin expressed her gratitude to the club and with that encourages anyone to join in on the fun.  

“Something that’s special about our club is that there’s no commitment required,” Schwerdlin said. “So we’re here every Wednesday, but you do not have to come to every meeting. If you just need a break you can show up you do not have to perfect every dance. Our goal is that you’re having a good time. It is very much centered around the members who come so we do a lot of votes and see like what everybody else wants to do, rather than completely being focused on what the two of us want to do. We really focus on how everybody else is feeling,” Schwerdlin said. 

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