Media professions, job fair helps students continue their career after college

Rashaad Jones, Reporter

Eastern Illinois career services program hosted a media profession job and internship fair on Wednesday for those pursuing a career in media related jobs and students who just wanted to view the opportunities presented. Many different businesses showed up to not only help gain employees for their business, but also to inform about the impact of their business.

Rex Barber, a news director, was able to express his goals for the event.

“I hope to find some people who are interested in these positions getting ready to graduate,” he said.

He was not the only representative of a business with these intentions.

Majority of the businesses there had the intention of finding employees for their business but that was not the only thing they had in store for the students.

“You also grow as a person, you learn more about how the world works, and I think a lot of other people do learn from it and its goof for your growth as a person,” Barber said.

Ryan Bevers, a sophomore who majors in Tv and Video production, was present at this event and described his experience.

“They are giving us both equal opportunities, offering us a lot of different internships, both remotely and in person,” Bevers said. Bevers was also with his friend, Issac Wilson, a tv and video production senior, who had a different mindset coming into this event knowing he his graduating soon.

They both found it interesting how the business approached them differently but wanted them both to gain something from this event.

“They all seem like they care, and they are interested in us as they are with someone who is a senior,” Beyers said.

“It has been pretty positive because it seems like as soon as I tell people I am looking for a job, their ears perc up,” Wilson said.

He said he was able to overcome his fear of coming out and talking to people about his career as he knows that his senior year is coming to an end.

“I am trying to get a job as soon as I graduate and yeah that’s obviously a looming threat over my head,” Wilson said.

He feels that this event really helped him with this goal of getting a job directly after college.


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