EIU University Board hosts 2000’s Game Night

Duane Carter, Reporter

The University Board hosted a 2000’s Game Night on Thursday in the Martin Luther King University Union in the Grand Ballroom. The University Board provided  college experience for all students.

The event was held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and was free to attend for all students and over 50 students to came to enjoy the event, play games, enjoy snacks and drinks and have a chance to win a prize towards the end of the event.

Jermaine Fuller, a freshman psychology major, attended the event.

Fuller said he thought it was a pretty good event, he likes all types of games, he’s a big game head, he has four gaming consoles with him at school.

Fuller said what made him attend this event was he just wanted to play some games with his friends and have a good time. He said he liked the selection of games that were chosen for the event.

Fuller also said the school did a good job making sure the students enjoyed themselves and were happy.

“I think the school did everything that they could to make this fun and make the students happy,” Fuller said.

Stanley Alston, a freshman zoology major, also attended the event.

Alston said he was excited to attend the event and enjoyed his time playing all the games he remembered from his childhood, and liked how there was variety of games to play.

Alston said he plays video games every day because it makes him happy and it’s a stress relief.

“Me and my friends have been anticipating this event for a few days now, we just wanted to come out and enjoy ourselves and do the stuff we love,” Alton said.

Kymoni Dixon, a senior exercise science major, planned the event and is a part of the University Board.

Dixon said this event was a game night 2000’s themed, just to have that kind of nostalgic and childlike atmosphere and bring it to college.

Dixon said the event went well, she said it could have been a little better cause the University Board always have great turnouts to their event but overall, she felt like the event went well she enjoyed herself and everyone that attended enjoyed themselves.

Dixon also said the goal for this event was to have a fun game night, people usually have game night with their friends or family, it brings a vibe to the students and the University Boatd always plan events and plan on making more. She also said events bring people out to have fun, and reminisce about the old days.

“The goal for this event was really just to have a fun game night you know, usually people have game nights, maybe with your friends or your family just to have it,” Dixon said. “So, it’s not like something you have to plan or something you have to spend money on. The University Board puts on events like this all the time. So, you really just have to look out like on our Instagram, or you know around the union really, we post a lot of flyers and have a lot of just events to bring people out to have fun.”


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