Tarble Arts Center crystal sound bath helps sooth people

Chandler Smith, Reporter

Tarble Arts Center crystal sound bath helped soothe many people from the distractions of life, including those who are in the Eastern Illinois University community.

The host Tyna Loafman, Reiki practioner and Certified TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise) provider, explained how the different sounds work and how they help soothe the people in the room listening to the sounds that each bowl or chakra makes.

“Each of the seven bowls are related to one of the seven points of the chakra that run through our body and so, we have the root chakra, which is the C note the sacral chakra, which is D [note], the solar plexus, which is E [note], the heart which is F [note] the throat which is G [note] the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, which is B [note],”Loafman said.

Each sound and bowl resemble a different Chakra and the bowls make a different sound as Loafman played the sounds with different instrumental tools that creates a large echo within the Tarble Arts Center.

“These different kinds of mallets these are rubber and there’s different sizes, you know for like a deeper sound, or it can be a lighter sound,” Loafman said. “Then this one, it has like rubber on the outside, but it has this steel on the inside of it and so it’s a little bit heavier, which is nice, and they make some of them they have like a suede covering that is like a wand as well.”

Eastern Illinois Area Special Education Speech Pathologist Abby Stevens also enjoyed the soothing sounds brought to her as she relieves stress from a work as a speech pathologist.

“Work in the schools and you have really busy, chaotic days, and this is just 45 minutes of quiet where I’m not being asked to do anything,” Stevens said.

Even though some do not know much about chakras the event itself relaxed them and got them distracted from all the chaos and everything stressing them that they were surrounded with.

“I don’t know about much about the chakras, and I know that I feel relaxed when it’s over,” Stevens said.

The soothing sound makes a noise across the building and the stress that you are suffering from is not continuously there, but the sound distracts someone from the stress they are having for that day.

The next crystal bowl sound bath event is Thursday April 6, 2023, at the Tarble Arts Center.


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