Podcasting workshop gives students and faculty a hands-on opportunity


Kaylee Yeakel, Reporter

Trevor Burrows, a digital initiative coordinator of Booth Library, hosted “Podcasting 101” on Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. The workshop took place at the Center for Student Innovation (CSI). Students and faculty received some hands-on experience with the podcasting equipment found on campus.

This workshop helped to teach students and faculty how to use the podcasting equipment independently. Within the one hour time slot, Burrows did just that.

He taught the attendees how to use the hardware and what to do when issues arise.

Burrows first introduced the equipment that is in the studios. In the CSI, there are two podcast stations and four microphones altogether. Burrows brought out more equipment including two microphones, two headsets and a soundboard.

After allowing the students to use the equipment, he used that information as a teaching opportunity. He used the sound bites that they had created as examples. Burrows showed how to test the levels of the microphone and how to adjust the audio so that it sounded better.

There are no specific applications that go along with the hardware. Someone can use whatever they are most familiar with to help edit the audio. Burrows used a software called Audacity to do so, which is compatible with the equipment, but other applications will work.

He recommended that before starting any project, do some test runs first. A person should mess around with the levels and the audio before going into any project. He said that on many occasions someone will go in and record an entire project just to get home and be disappointed.

The CSI will host more workshops on the equipment that they have. The second podcasting workshop will take place on March 28 at 6 p.m. Any other dates on other gadgets are to be determined.

Burrows has high hopes for the future of all the gadgets found in the library.

“We’ll continue to develop learning opportunities using all of the different technology,” he said.

Along with the podcasting studio, there are 3-D printers, a Cricut and a virtual reality studio available.

One of the attendees, Jacqui Worden, a former graduate student and former employee of Booth Library worked at the library for decades and said she was excited to see how far it has come and how much the school has done with the space.

“I saw this podcast and I thought ‘Yeah, you know I’m still connected to Eastern, I worked at Booth Library, I should know what’s available.’” Worden said.

Wooden is still currently continuing her education at EIU and is thankful for all the resources that she has.

The Center for Student Innovation is home to the two podcasting stations. On the EIU website, one must make a reservation to use either space.


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