Student senate misses quorum for the fifth time in a row

Katja Benz, Student Government Reporter

The student senate has not met quorum all semester, with five meetings under their belts.  

There were 11 of the 15 senators present at the meeting. In order to meet quorum, there are fifteen senators needed, meaning that two more senators to vote on bills that they have been not able to pass.  

During the meeting, Student Body President Lucy Ade passed Executive Order 22-23-01. The executive order outlined how voting on senate bills will go until they hit quorum for at least one meeting.  

In order to vote on bills, which do things like make student organizations registered student organizations, senators go over program budgets or approve increases in housing and dining fees for an upcoming school year.  

After the bill gets drafted, it goes to the senate’s council of chairs before going to the question and discussion period at a meeting.  

After that, “[The bill] will go to me and then I will add a student senate meeting address what the budget is asked for discussions and questions and then I will approve or deny,” Ade said. “And I will have I’ve told the senators and I can usually tell them, ‘I’m putting a lot more scrutiny on this.’ I will veto if needed, if I believe that that this could have been $25 If I believe that this did not need a Senate Bill.” 

However, once the senate meets quorum, this executive order goes away, meaning that this is subject to change, according to Ade.  

“This is a conditional statement,” Ade said. “If anytime during the semester that we hit forum, if the student site hits quarterly, this executive order will then be known for so this is a temporary a very temporary action.” 

Ade hopes that this does not happen for long because then the senate will be able to accomplish goals that it has for the semester. 

“I hope we only have a week of this,” Ade said. “If we only have a week of it, it will be one of the best weeks of my life.” 

Some things that this could help would be the senate’s ability to put on events, whether it be safety or diversity training or date rape kits at parties. Ade thinks that this will benefit the student’s overall health.  

“Those kinds of events are beneficial to students in their mental health and mental health in clinic all of these are beneficial to help the student body either in development or help them with activities make your mark event,” Ade said. “All these events that committees are putting on will help the student body in their academics, their students and their personal lives. So that’s what this executive order this executive order is meant to just make sure that these happens. Some diversity makes sure that these events that I know will benefit the student body. I want to make sure that they have because if they don’t, then students are missing out on these great opportunities to have great things happen to have these resources to know.” 


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