EIU professor, his husband speak on overcoming sexuality struggles


Rob Le Cates

Cameron Craig hugs Gaye Harrison after the Sunday Service at the First Presbyterian Church Sunday morning. The two discovered the church and have been going together since the start of their relationship, around four years ago.

Chandler Smith, Reporter

Geology instructor, Cameron Craig, and his husband Joshua Craig, an Eastern hospitality and tourism student, will be celebrating the fourth anniversary of their wedding, and plan to throw a dinner party with friends and family.

“Last year we hosted an anniversary get-together, we had 20 people, and we had a recital, bringing musical talents in and we just had a wonderful meal with family and friends,”  Joshua Craig said. “It’s creating memories between ourselves but then with others that share the love and continue to support.”

Joshua describes himself as the rock in the relationship and also how both Cameron and Joshua benefit from each other in the relationship. 

“I think I’m like an owl, I’m a very recluse introvert.” Joshua Craig said. “I analyze people and a lot of people say that I’m a strong individual and I gather my thoughts before I speak. So, I think I’m your rock, I think at times I’m there to comfort I know when something’s bothering [him], and when I try to, unfortunately, pry maybe he resists at times when it’s time to like vent and talk through things and vice versa.” 

Cameron Craig and his husband Joshua Craig hold hands while praying in the Sunday Service at the First Presbyterian Church Sunday morning. The two decided to stay with the church because it is inclusive and accepts individuals who are LGBTQ+. (Rob Le Cates)

Joshua also talks about his time in grade school and how he did cheerleading tryouts and how that started a conversation between the couple. 

“So, in sixth grade, discovering myself a little bit more, and I was involved in tumbling lessons, and I gained more skills and more confidence, and I said, why don’t I try cheerleading tryouts?,” Joshua Craig said. 

Cameron Craig said that they watch a lot of gymnastics together. Cameron said that he is learning a lot of things about the sport such as the wolf spin and the peach basket.

Cameron Craig directs the adult choir group before the start of the Sunday Service at the First Presbyterian Church Sunday morning. Craig is the music director for the church and is able to conduct and sing with his experience from his master’s of arts. (Rob Le Cates)

The couple said they have been through the issue of sexuality and feel it’s important for people to move past that in life. 

“Growing up from the 70’s and 80’s, I didn’t realize who I was until late high school, and then I’m like, ‘Okay, well, this is very interesting,’” Cameron Craig said. “And so, in the late 80’s, and into the 90’s, it was very difficult to be a gay man because it was [like], you don’t say anything, you hide. I was bullied and called names and so it just took a lot of luck. A lot of strong thinking [and a] strong attitude to continue in that respect, and for some, it’s very difficult to do that.” 

Cameron Craig also suggested reaching out to professors in any situation and to talk to people about situations that someone might be in.

“If you are struggling, talk to someone,” Cameron Craig said. “We have plenty of safe zone professors and staff here on campus that are open to individuals that are unsure. You know, I’ve been approached by some students that have questions. I think that’s important too. If you feel that there’s a toxic situation, then you need to find a way out of it.”


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