Illinois Student Assistance Commission helps students with affordable education

Chandler Smith, Reporter

Editors Note: This article has been updated to correct an error in the Illinois Student Association Commission’s name and the main function of the commission.


The Illinois Student Assistant Commission, ISAC, was established 65 years ago and was started to inform high school students how to get accessible and affordable college education.

It’s main function is to aid students with grants and scholarships.

The ISAC is known for having college mentors in several communities throughout Illinois and is also known for the work it has done for first-generation college students.

The job experience allows people to speak in front of other people and presenting to students in the community what options are available for potential college students, said fprmer Eastern student, Maria Amill.

This opening gives students with bachelor’s degrees an opportunity in helping the public and communities with the potential to explain how college can help people in the same career path.

“This is a great opportunity for college grads interested in lifting up their communities, whether for a break before grad school, figuring out where they want to be professionally, or intending a career in service,” said Illinois Student Assistant Commision Statewide Outreach Coordinator Renee Martinez said.

“This is a full-time position with extensive training, career development support and a tuition waiver for Illinios public universities,” Martinez said.

The program provides students that are in grad school a lot of experience as full-time professional mentors to high school students and organizations.

Those who choose to engage in the opportunity also get to work with parents, teachers, counselors, and community-based organizations.

The program is focused on helping low-income and first-generation high school students, post-secondary planning, preparation as well as application assistance, college matching guidance and FAFSA scholarship assistance.

The job for the ISAC has a six-week training course in which it includes topics on college access barriers, college admissions – aid programs, free application for federal student aid, career exploration tools, presentation skills and event management.

More information is available on the ISAC website.

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