Students were ‘all smiling’ at Homecoming Skating Party


Cam'ron Hardy

From left, Stanley Alston, a freshman biological sciences major, Jubril Ayoola, a freshman computer informations and technology major, and Elijah Barnes, a freshman business major, skate at the Homecoming Skating Party at the University Ballroom in the Union Thursday evening.

Cam'ron Hardy, Campus Events Junior Editor

On Thursday, Eastern hosted a skating party to allow students to get excited for homecoming. The event took place in the University Ballroom in the Martin Luther King Jr University Union from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

The event was held last year at Panther Bash and there were some improvements within the party. 

Yaree Wilson, a senior computer and information technology major, works with the University Board as the coordinator. Wilson said his main role with the University Board is using the sound and lighting at functions for a more enjoyable time for students.  

Wilson said one of the improvements from last year was making the event “bigger.” 

“It was such a big turnout [last year],” Wilson said. “We actually had to set a limit last year about the amount of time you could skate, but this time we extended it to the whole University Ballroom.”  

Wilson also comments on the improvements that can be made for next year. 

“I think I want to be able to turn the lights down a little bit more, diversify the music a bit more, and promote the event a bit more too,” Wilson said.  

Ashaureah Reed, a sophomore fashion merchandising and design major, was present at the event and talked about the improvements made since last year.  

“I don’t think that they had food last year,” Reed said. “Then at the other door on the other side [there’s] a photoshoot [area], and I don’t think that was here either.” 

  Reed said that she’s excited that it’s Homecoming Week, and that’s why she came out to the event.  

“Me and my friends wanted to come outside to have fun,” Reed said.  

  Reed also said that she was present at the skating party that took place last year. She enjoyed this year more because she was at this event longer and with her friends. 

Reed said that her and her friends were “all smiling.” She also plans on coming to an event like this in the future if it were to happen again.  

  Joshua Doty, a junior music education major, was present at the event.  

  Doty said that his friends convinced him to go to the event. He also said that if the event were to take place again, that he would participate.  

Eastern will hold other events throughout the rest of the week to help students get in the spirit of Homecoming Week and for them to get involved.  


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