Safety tips from HERC, UPD for Homecoming


Cam'ron Hardy

Tatyana Phillips, a sophomore majoring in pre-veterinary medicine, (left) and Naomi Wright-Allen, a sophomore majoring in nursing, (right) dance at the Library Quad at the Homecoming Kickoff on Monday afternoon.

Adriana Hernandez-Santana, Feature Junior Editor

For the 2022 Homecoming Week, the Health Education Resource Center and the University Police Department both shared tips on how to have fun while staying safe celebrating Homecoming.

While drinking and drugs can be associated with parties, including this week’s parties celebrating Homecoming, there are still alternatives to enjoy parties while remaining sober for underaged students.

Abigail Frohning, the health promotion coordinator with the Health Education Resource Center, offered some safe alternatives throughout the week to ensure students are safe while having a good time.

“EIU campus offers many events throughout Homecoming Week that do not include alcohol or drug use,” Frohning said. “Students are encouraged to participate in the activities hosted around campus and to hang out with friends and peers and not partake in alcohol or drug use.”

Although the night is meant to be fun, there can be some dangers to drinking that students need to be aware of. That being said, the HERC is hosting an event to educate students more about how to be safe while drinking. 

“The HERC is offering a Myth Busting Alcohol open session on [Wednesday] in the Arcola/Tuscola Room of the [Martin Luther King Jr University Union] at 2 pm,” Frohning said. “At this presentation, the HERC will be discussing myths related to alcohol and educating students about safer alcohol use.”

Being with a group of trustworthy friends is extremely important as well. 

Micheal Lusk, a UPD lieutenant, advised students to travel with a trusted friend.

“[It’s important to be] traveling with a friend or having someone who’s awesome and say ‘Dude, you’ve had too much,’” Lusk said. “You are having fun, but it can also be unhealthy. So if you’re going out with friends, make sure they really are friends.”

“Illinois has a zero tolerance issue for people driving DUI and underage,” Lusk said. “If you are in a position where you are possibly impaired, you’re endangering other people.”


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