Hour House celebrates 50 years, provides drug rehab treatments


Ashanti Thomas

Hour House, an addiction treatment center for drugs and alcohol in Charleston, Ill.

Adriana Hernadez-Santana, Junior Features Editor

Since opening in 1972, the Hour House has provided support for those who struggle with any type of substance abuse. 

The Hour House is a non-profit corporation located at 635 Division St. in Charleston.

They also provide community programs, training and technical assistance, prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery support services. 

Established in 1972, the corporation has been able to spread its wings and branch out to 11 other locations. Some locations include Charleston, Mattoon, Shelbyville and south of Lerna. 

Executive Director Teressa Perdieu talks about how this growth has not only affected them in increasing locations, but also the level of treatment that people can receive. 

“We’ve grown,” Perdieu said. “Not in just the number of physical [locations], in the number of paths that we have, but also in the specialized services that we provide and in the number of lives that we have been able to touch.”

Thanks to the growth of services, the Hour House can cater to more people to help them overcome substance abuse. 

According to Perdieu, they offer both outpatient services and intensive outpatient services, as well as services that allow clients to live within their care. 

Sometimes help can mean detoxification, while in other cases, it can be a place to stay to help rehabilitate. 

Perdieu praised how the Hour House’s women’s program has been beneficial for the women who struggle and need extra help to reach recovery.

“We’ve been able to specialize in services in our treatment continuum for women, especially women with children, so we offer programs where women can come for substance use disorder treatment with their child or children,” Perdieu said.

The road to recovery is very difficult. It can be stunted by other stressors in life, which can often lead to a relapse. Although relapse can be very common during treatment, it is something that the Hour House works to address. 

“But with this particular chronic health care condition, there’s still a lot of shame and stigma attached with relapse, but the rate of relapse with substance use disorder is about the same for other health conditions that have a behavioral health component to recovery,” Perdieu said.

The helpers at the Hour House know just how serious this disease can be. A relapse can be a serious indicator as to where someone is in their recovery. 

Perdieu and her coworkers understand the level of severity that comes with addiction. 

“Well, this is a disease that is potentially fatal… So there are some pretty tragic consequences with substance use disorder when someone doesn’t get the treatment that they need,” Perdieu said.

Even if relapse does occur, that does not mean that recovery is impossible. 

Perdieu recalls one specific recovery that sticks with her. One that not only saved one person, but ended up saving a whole family.

“I think some of the most heartwarming stories are about having multiple generations in a family see change,” Perdieu said. “[You see] those family dynamics shifting in so multiple members of the family including grandparents and parents and their children [see change.] Lots of generations find recovery. Since this is a disease that frequently has a genetic component, a predisposition. It’s been nice to see whole families come to recovery.”

Overcoming an addiction can be difficult, and during the process, individuals may stumble and struggle. 

However, the Hour House does its best to not only provide care for those who are struggling, but to encourage the individuals that change is truly possible. They motivate their clients to want to make a change in their lives, not only for themselves, but their future as well.

Perdieu encourages those in need to contact the Hour House and get the help they need. 

“We know that recovery from substance use disorder is difficult, and that there are lots of people here at our house who are willing to help through that process as you can make change and find peace and serenity and recovery,” Perdieu said.

For more information about the Hour House, call 217-348-8108 or visit their website at www.hourhouserecovery.org


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