Alpha Psi Lambda raises funds after crash

Adriana Hernandez-Santana, Feature Junior Editor

Alpha Psi Lambda is working to raise money to help five members pay for medical bills following a car accident on Aug. 26.

Alpha Psi Lambda has been fundraising for fellow sorority and fraternity members have been doing to help five Alpha Psi Lambda members Luis Paniagua, Christian Watson, Ivy James Gale, Tyeisha Mosley and Tais Medelin were in a car accident on Aug. 26 that resulted in them being transported to a hospital for emergency surgeries.

Alpha Psi Lambda’s Assistant Associate Member Educator Tyeisha Mosley (left), a senior education major, and President Luis Paniagua, a senior graphic major, are both beneficiaries of Alpha Psi Lambda’s fundraising efforts after being in a crash in late August. (Rob Le Cates)

This has left these members with medical bills to pay off, which some of the money made by Alpha Psi Lambda fundraisers will go to help decrease the medical bills.

Amairany Bueno Benitez, the secretary and treasurer of Alpha Psi Lambda and a sophomore marketing major, said that she was in disbelief when she first found out the news.

“Once we found out everyone was safe, I felt relieved,” Bueno Benitez said.

Everyone in Alpha Psi Lambda wanted to help out their fellow members in any way they could. 

“Soon after, the rest of us members collectively started thinking of ways to start raising money for all the expenses that they are facing,” Bueno Benitez said. “We just wanted to make sure to have fundraisers that would be overall not too complex to set up, as well as events that would attract people.”

Even though the fundraisers have been helpful, the members of the organization are still trying to help out even more. 

As an effort to help their fellow members, Bueno Benitez has organized a GoFundMe at Help Support EIU Students With Emergency Expenses to try and help out the families as much as they can.

“We are a familia, we are here to support each other through good and bad, especially now during this time more than ever,” Bueno Benitez said. “We are all members for a reason, we decided to join for a reason. Being each other’s support system is a crucial part of that. We are building a bond and connection with each other. That is what we want others now and, in the future, to see that we are truly a familia.”

The members of Alpha Psi Lambda are trying to raise as much money as possible for everyone. 

Due to the accident, all the expenses for the families started to add up. 

The donations made through the fundraising and GoFundMe will help pay for all the member’s medical expenses, their stays in the hospital, daily expenses like food, and any future expenses that the students cannot work and save up for. 

Even though there isn’t a set goal number, any donation is greatly appreciated. 

The members of Alpha Psi Lambda have also been hosting several fundraising events recently to help raise money for medical bills and fundraising for Alpha Psi Lambda.

Although there are some events still in the works, Bueno Benitez is still very fond of one particular event. 

“Personally, I think my favorite fundraiser we have done so far is the ‘Pie an APsi,’” Bueno Benitez said. “Although I did endure plenty of pies to the face, it was still fun to see the people laugh and have a good time.”

Bueno Benitez also mentioned how the recent Elote sale was by far the most successful fundraising event.

“It was incredible to see the amount of people lining up to be able to get some elote,” Bueno Benitez said. “But thankfully, all of our fundraisers have been successful, and I would like to thank everyone for supporting us through these fundraisers.”

Bueno Benitez said that even though she has not been able to celebrate Latino Heritage month as much as she would like, that does not mean she doesn’t feel represented. 

“I do feel like now more than ever I have been acknowledging my Latinidad and being prideful of who I am,” Bueno Benitez said.

“It is a time where we can be proud of everything that Hispanic and Latino people have done and keep doing for this country,” Bueno Benitez said. “All of the hard blood, sweat, and tears that our people have gone through are being recognized.”

Bueno Benitez said that even though she is not always aware of things happening around campus, she thinks the school is doing well and does not have any major critiques about representation.

She appreciates the fact the school is listening to the students. 

“I just want them to keep uplifting us and our voices,” Bueno Benitez said. 


Adriana Hernandez-Santana can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].