Ranking the foods in NFL stadiums I want to try someday


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Kate Stevens is a senior sports media relations major. and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

Kate Stevens, Assistant Sports Editor

Food and football are two of the biggest things that bring people in America together. Sports stadiums in general are known for their crazy food products that they sell at games, but I want to focus on NFL stadiums.

There are so many things that I want to try from different stadiums across the United States and I would like to share them with you all. 

5. Chicken and Andouille Jambalaya – TIAA Bank Field 

There is no shame for being at the bottom of my list, because I want to try all the things I will be writing about, but just like the Jacksonville Jaguars this season, the Chicken and Andouille Jambalaya that they sell at games could be the underdog of this list. 

This is a unique food for a stadium to sell at sports events, but I am all for it. I would love to go to Jacksonville and get the experience on a cooler day and give this delightful jambalaya a taste! 

4. Breakfast Brat – FirstEnergy Stadium 

It turns out the Cleveland Browns do have something to offer, and they have won my number four spot on my list with their delicious looking Breakfast Brat. 

It is a brat covered in bacon, butter, syrup, and sausage gravy cradled in a waffle. That just sounds simply amazing. I would love to make my way over to Cleveland to give this a try! 

3. The Deli Stack – Acrisure Stadium 

I already have a huge amount of love for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky, and they seem like they could win some love for their Deli Stack. I

It is fries smothered in corned beef, horseradish, pickles, and Dijon cheese sauce. 

Now, I could definitely do without the horseradish sauce, but everything else sounds so glorious! I am finding myself wanting to take the road trip to Pittsburgh to grab a Deli Stack and sit down and watch my guy Trubisky do his thing.

2. Brat-In-A-Blanket – Lambeau Field 

Now, as a huge Chicago Bears fan and a cheese fan, this one is tough for me. I grew up 20 minutes from the Wisconsin border, so I have developed a “Wisconsin” love of cheese and brats. 

The Brat-In-A-Blanket looks absolutely fantastic as it is a brat surrounded by cheese curds and beer mustard and served on a pretzel bun. 

This is one of the most Wisconsin things that I have ever seen. That being said, when it comes to the first Bears at Packers game that I attend, I will be looking for one of these brats as well as a Bears win! 

1. Mac & Cheese Brisket Cone – AT&T Stadium 

The food choice that absolutely tops my list of foods I want to try at stadiums is this amazing looking Mac and Cheese Brisket Cone that one can find at Dallas Cowboys games in Texas. 

This exemplifies the heart and soul of Texas in a cone. This 12-dollar masterpiece is made of a fresh bread cone that is stuffed with “Cowboys” mac and cheese, brisket, barbecue sauce, and jalapenos. 

This sounds absolutely amazing, and I hope to make it down to Dallas for a game and one of these Mac and Cheese Brisket Cones!  

 All five of these dishes sound absolutely amazing! The NFL has some hidden gems in their stadiums when it comes to foods. 

My dream would be to travel to each NFL stadium to give food reviews to their top sellers! 

It was so hard just to choose five things that I would want to try. They have so many things from sweet to salty to spicy. 

It is all a part of the experience when going to these games to cheer on your favorite teams. 

Like I said, food and football are two of the biggest things that bring Americans together, so why not enjoy both at the same time!

Kate Stevens can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]