Known figures on campus share favorite foods


Rob Le Cates

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Adriana Hernandez-Santana, Feature Junior Editor

Food. The meaning behind the word can mean different things for different people. For some, food can mean a special event or a family get together. For others, food is what we use as fuel to get through our day. Some say that food can even be considered a form of art. Food can even be used to help identify who we are as people and our own cultures. 

There is one common theme that everyone has regardless of all the different foods in the world. Everyone has a favorite food. 

Just like how every person on campus is unique, so is their favorite foods. Some of Eastern’s staff and student body shared some of their favorite foods.

Glassman said he tries to maintain a very healthy and clean diet. 

“I try to eat as healthy as possible and eat lots of salads, often with grilled chicken or shrimp,” Glassman said. 

Although he knows the importance of eating healthy, Glassman said that it’s very important to treat yourself too. 

“When I’m craving a treat, my go to food is pizza and vanilla shakes,” Glassman said.

Eastern’s mascot Billy the Panther, wanted to share his favorite food too. As for his decision, had a very solid reasoning behind his answer.

“Cookies; they’re good for my memory,” Billy said. 

Even if it may not be for memory, the Vice President for Student Affairs Anne Flaherty can agree with Billy for enjoying something sweet. 

According to her, a little bit of chocolate is perfect for her day to day life. 

“Something I eat almost every day is chocolate,” Flaherty said. “I always have a piece of dark chocolate after lunch.” 

While some people may opt for something sweet, others on campus may prefer something savory instead. 

Jasmine Yusef, speaker of the senate who is a senior double majoring in English and Philosophy, said tacos are a great food choice for everyone. She also mentions how her mom makes a wide variety of delicious tacos too.

“My mom is the most creative person I know and has made so many different kinds of tacos and they are always so good,” Yusef said. “Tacos can be for everyone because they are so versatile and can be modified to fit dietary restrictions or different tastes.”

Dennis Malak, the director of programming, publicity and promotion, enjoys a full course meal followed by a fun and delicious dessert.

“I like to have a steak, cooked medium, with garlic mashed potatoes, sweet baby carrots,” Malak said. “For dessert I like pineapple upside-down cake.” 

Micheal Gillespie, the director of faculty development and innovation center, likes to bake bread whenever he gets the chance. 

When it comes to his favorite food, he gets the perfect combination between something refreshing and homemade. 

“So, my favorite food is easy – homemade sourdough bread with fresh tomato slices and some kind of spread like hummus, goat cheese or roasted garlic, but it is really about the bread and tomato,” Gillespie said.  


Adriana Hernandez-Santana can be reached at [email protected].