Food in collegiate press boxes needs to be more accessible


Rob Le Cates

Autumn Schulz is a junior sports media relations major and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

Autumn Schulz, Sports Editor

Food should be served in all media press boxes during the collegiate football season and if food is not provided, those traveling to the respective stadium should be made aware well in advance so that they can make other plans.  

I recently traveled to Illinois State University with my assistant, Kate Stevens, and one of our photographers, Ashanti Thomas, to cover the 110th Mid-America Classic. 

It is not too far out of the way from Eastern’s campus, it’s a little over an hour which is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. 

However, that does not mean that our time and energy getting to Hancock Stadium should have been taken for granted.  

The information provided by Illinois State about the press box was little to none. We were provided with a map of the stadium, but it did not provide any actual directions on how to get to the correct media lot or media entrance. 

None of us had been there as media trying to get into the stadium before. Those who work there or others that have been to the press box before knew exactly what to do and that is great. However, there was no need for it to be so difficult to navigate the stadium.  

After asking multiple people where to go, being directed to the incorrect press box and realizing that we parked in the incorrect media lot after all, we made it to the correct press box. 

It is a very nice press box, one of the nicest press boxes that I have been in during my time here at Eastern. I think that is something that Illinois State should pride itself on, however, that does not mean that they need to lack in other areas.  

At this point, we were very tired and overwhelmed due to the bounds of incorrect information that when we were told that the press box did not provide food, we all became a bit irritated that no one had told us beforehand. 

No one from Eastern made us aware nor did anyone from Illinois State. 

We all know that the price of stadium food at both collegiate and professional games is outrageous. 

We are also college students with no money so often times, we rely on the press box to provide for us. 

Did Kate and I give in a buy the overpriced stadium food? 

Yes, we did, but that was $30 that could have stayed in my bank account if we could have made plans ahead of time. 

If this is just a way for Illinois State to get another cash grab, they should be ashamed.  

I am sure that my argument will come off as entitled but to the press boxes that do serve food; thank you. I appreciate all the effort, time and energy that goes into organizing a meal for the media that comes to cover the game. 

It truly makes the experience of traveling to an away game so much better. 

It was Kate’s first time covering an away game and Ashanti’s first opportunity of the season to photograph an away game and as sports editor, I wanted to make it a wonderful experience for both. 

Ashanti stood on the field for the entire game without anything to drink or eat. Obviously, she is a trooper.  

It was not the most ideal experience for multiple reasons and that truly sucks. 

It greatly irritates me that one negative aspect of our experience could have been avoided with just a little bit of communication.  

To both Eastern and Illinois State; do better. 

Autumn Schulz can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]