City Council approves $318K bid award for park improvement


Rob Le Cates

Charleston Mayor, Brandon Combs, reads out a ordinance which provides an additional amount of Tax Increment Financing funds to The Body Club at 618 Jackson Avenue at Tuesday afternoon’s City Council meeting at City Hall.

Madelyn Kidd, News Editor

The Charleston City Council unanimously approved a $318,339 bid award to NeCo Asphalt Inc. for a multi-use paths plan for Sister City Park on Tuesday.

The council approved the bid award for $318,339, which is a part of the Sister City development plan.

Charleston Mayor Brandon Combs said what the multi-use paths entail.

“The path is 10-foot wide asphalt, multi-used for pedestrian and bicycle use, and that will run around the perimeter of both Sister City Phase One and Two and be connected to Krishire Drive,” Combs said. “The proposed path is roughly a 1.5 mile loop, so two laps of the path will accommodate a 5k event. The path will provide direct access to the soccer complex that was being constructed, the public restrooms within the park, the playground within the park, Heritage Woods subdivision and Sister City trailhead to the Lake Trail system.”

NeCo Asphalt Inc. was the only bid for this project for $318,339.

The council unanimously approved the grant application to the Coles County Board for approximately over $1 million from the American Rescue Plan Act.

The approximately over $1,190,000, if granted by the county board, would pay for improvements to the Linder Sports Complex within Sister City Park.

Roughly $690,000 would go to the improvements for the pickleball courts. This would include six courts, parking, sidewalks, multi-use path fencing, lighting, bleacher seating, landscaping and the materials, supplies and equipment needed for the courts.

Roughly $500,000 would go towards plans for the sand volleyball courts. This includes six courts, bleacher seats, sidewalks, fencing, landscaping and materials, supplies and equipment for the courts.

Combs thanked those responsible for arranging and working towards the grant application.

“I want to thank everyone that worked so hard and diligently putting together that grant application,” Combs said. “It would be great to be able to receive those funds for the additional things that we’d like to add to the Sports Complex out there… So I really appreciate all that being done and put together and in hopes we are able to receive that; that would be fantastic.”

The council unanimously approved for Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative to install the primary power at the Linder Sports Complex for $26,276.89.

The council also unanimously approved the agreement of monthly payments to Coles-Moultrie for electric power and energy at $640.50 plus utility tax.

The council unanimously approved to amend ordinance 2022-0-17 and allow an additional $1,600 TIF Grant fund to the original $2,450 grant funds given to The Body Club at 618 Jackson Ave.

The original $2,450 TIF Grant given to The Body Club was to improve the building. This covered the cost of the work including labor, material, tuckpointing and masonry work.

During construction further work was discovered and the ordinance amendment was requested to cover the costs of the unforeseen improvement work.

In total, the council has now given The Body Club $4,050 in TIF Grant funds.

The council unanimously approved continuing an agreement with animal control services.
This agreement entails Coles County providing the county, including Charleston, with animal control services on a county wide basis.

As part of the agreement, Charleston participates with the funding for the Animal Control Program.

The council unanimously approved for street closure for outdoor band events and CASA fundraising events at the Uptowner/Celler on Saturday.

The Saturday street closure is from noon to 9 p.m. 

The closure includes 7th St. on the Eastside of the Uptowner from the North side of the crosswalk at 7th St. and Monroe Ave. to WB’s Pub-N-Grub going across from the light pole to the front of WB’s front door and going across Parking Lot E.

The council unanimously approved an additional street closure for an outdoor band event, the Bluegrass Duo, at the Uptowner/Celler from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. for the same location as the previous street closure.


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