Pantherpalooza allows students to get involved on campus


Hannah Fergurson

The Kona Ice truck hands out shaved ice to students in front of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union during Pantherpalooza Tuesday afternoon.

Cam'ron Hardy, Campus Events Junior Editor

Pantherpalooza was held on Tuesday afternoon in the Library Quad with over 100 tables set up for a variety of groups Eastern students can be involved with.

Pantherpalooza is a way for students to get involved with Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus.

There were over 100 Registered Student Organizations, RSOs, present at Pantherpalooza this semester. 

Tykyla Crockett, a senior human services and program administration major, is a member of the N.A.A.C.P. at Eastern. 

Crockett said that Pantherpalooza is a way for other students to get involved with the club.  

“This event definitely opens up the campus to give us a new look and a new field,” Crockett said. “With this being the new semester, we’re hoping to build an E-board and get more people to come out and join us at our events”. 

Crockett also advised students on what they should do if they are interested in wanting to join.  

“Come with a clean mind and know exactly what you want to do here on the E-board,” Crockett said.  

Kat Camaione, a senior majoring in biological sciences for secondary education certification, and Nathan Logan, a senior majoring in physics education, are both members of the American Chemical Society, A.C.S. 

This is their first year at the table promoting the club, and they said that the club does not only focus on chemistry.  

“Over the year, we try to do a lot of fundraisers,” Logan said. “Near Christmas we do a fundraiser for the food pantry where people donate for their favorite chemistry professor. Then, the chemistry teacher has to wear a [turkey hat] during one of their lectures, and so that kind of motivates people to donate. And then we take that money and give it to the food pantry here at EIU.”

Camaione gives their personal reasoning as to why they joined and their purpose for promoting. 

“Why I joined was [because] I was taking a [chemistry] class and someone came to my class,” Camaione said. “So, we do just come here though for those kids who aren’t in [chemistry] classes. Chemistry can still be fun but not everybody likes it, and we know that”.  

Zoe Bowers, a junior majoring in criminology, is the president of the sociology and anthropology club. 

“Pantherpalooza is one of the biggest recruiting events I think for most of the [RSOs] on campus,” Bowers said. “As long as you are stopping people consistently, they usually will show an interest if you take some time and explain why you’re passionate about what you do and what your club is about… We found that Pantherpalooza has been extremely helpful in recruiting new members.”


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