Alpha Psi Lambda creates new Greek council


Rob Le Cates

Alpha Psi Lambda is part of Eastern’s new Greek life council called the Multicultural Greek Council. Prior to the new organization, Eastern has three other councils including: the National Pan-Hellenic, Interfraternity and Panhellenic councils. Paniagua said his goal for the semester is to help create a “home away from home” for felllow Latino students and to get involved with the other councils.

Adriana Hernandez-Santana, Feature Junior Editor

Alpha Psi Lambda takes their leave from the NPHC to create their own council known as the Multicultural Greek Council. 

NPHC, or the National Pan-Hellenic Council, is best known for being the council for the Divine Nine. 

The president of Alpha Psi Lambda, Luis Paniagua, talks about how excited he and other members of the group are to take this next big step.

“I’ve talked to them, and they’re happy about it,” Paniagua said. “Now, we have our own spot.”

Prior to this decision, Alpha Psi Lambda was placed within the NPHC, which Paniagua says that he’s extremely grateful for. 

But he also notes how there is a lack of multicultural organizations and groups on campus. 

The upbringing of the Multicultural Greek Council will now provide opportunities for other future fraternities and sororities to come into light. 

“It’s more like, you have a place and then from there, it can grow to more different organizations, like an Asian fraternity or sorority, different cultures,” Paniagua said. “This would now be the umbrella for everybody who’s multicultural.” 

Even though this is a huge change, Paniagua said they will still be working closely alongside the NPHC to ensure that this huge change is a successful one. He describes it as the marketing stages for a brand-new chapter. 

Not only that, but Alpha Psi Lambda has finally been able to earn an official meeting room in the Martin Luther King Junior University Union. 

Due to insurance issues, Alpha Psi Lambda could not have a house, but Paniagua still expresses how this is a step in the right direction.

“We needed an office space. The Spanish department was so nice and would always let us use one room specifically, but if we wanted to use the Culture House, it was kind of an obstacle,” Paniagua said. 

Earning an official office space was a huge success for Alpha Psi Lambda. 

Although some may complain about not having a chapter house, Paniagua says that this has actually worked to their benefit cost-wise.

“We’re the most affordable group on campus because we don’t have you living on campus,” Paniagua said. “That’s what makes things really cheap.”

Paniagua and his fellow members of Alpha Psi Lambda all show great excitement about being able to create the Multicultural Greek  Council. 

Despite this new change, Paniagua still expresses a large amount of gratitude to those in the NPHC, thanking them for allowing Alpha Psi Lambda to be a part of their council. 

“We’ll always be grateful and thankful to the NPHC for allowing us to participate and be a part of them,” Paniagua said. “Even if things were limited, they always welcomed us, and we’re hoping to collaborate.”

Although Greek life can be intimidating, Paniagua assures that even though rush week may be a bit hectic, the feeling you have once you receive your letters is indescribable. 

“It’s really like, kind of a push that feels hard because obviously, going through initiation and stuff with all the Greeks is hard,” Paniagua said. “But it’s like, once you get your letters, it’s like damn, it was worth it.”


Adriana Hernandez-Santana can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].