Booth Library holds book sale despite bad weather

Adriana Hernandez-Santana, Campus Reporter

Kaitlyn Kiesler, a freshman communication disorder and sciences major, attends the Spring Book Sale Wednesday afternoon and gathers a few books to take with her. She says, “I thought it was very cool how there were so many different types of books for such a cheap price.” (Ashanti Thomas)

Eastern Illinois Univeristy’s Booth Library hosts their Spring Book Sale in the West Reading Room on Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Many of the books for sale are donations by Charleston community members. Whether it is a professor donating his extra books, or a student who’s graduating and wants to give the book a second life, the book sale is only possible through our giving community. 

The Booth Library Spring Book Sale is a great way to see many of our friendly staff members get involved. Zach Newell, dean of library services, is one of the many volunteers helping run this event. 

“It’s just a nice way to get the community together and give back to the community, ” Newell said.  

While most people may think the only books being sold are old textbooks, that is quite the contrary. Things like foreign language, fiction and art books are sold. There were even movies, cd’s and vinyl. With such a wide variety of things to choose from, there is something everyone could enjoy. 

With Wednesday’s dreary weather, the book sale was moved inside Booth Library. According to Beth Heldebrandt, Booth Library’s public relations director, this event is usually outside. But on Monday with the weather radar predicting a rainy forecast, the choice to move indoors was made.

“Anytime you have anything outside and with books, even if it’s a little damp or especially windy, it can’t happen, so it was an easy decision this year,” Heldebrandt said. 

Due to the weather forecast, Heldebrandt was worried about getting the news about the book sale through to everyone. Thanks to some sandwich boards and social media, the word got out just fine. 

Even though it may sound hectic, individuals are always sure to find something to their liking. 

Although it may seem like the best thing is finding a book, it excites the library staff members to see all the books going home. 

“It’s just fun to get all that cool stuff out for people,” Heldebrandt said. “It’s definitely a bargain, and when we clear your storage areas, we can fill it back up for the next sale.”


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