Pantherbash brings games, prizes for students


Rob Le Cates

From left, Kiyara Watts, a sophomore management major, Anita McBride, a sophomore health administration major, and De’Sean Hill, a computer information and technology major, shoot foam-tipped arrows at Pantherbash Thursday night.

Adriana Hernandez-Santana, Campus Reporter

With events in both Martin Luther King Jr. University Union ballrooms, and activities throughout the hallway, this year’s Pantherbash was filled with activities for everyone to enjoy on Thursday night.

In front of the ballroom, there was a raffle being held for a chance to win a prize. According to Kristal Munoz, a junior criminology major, the winner would receive a brand-new bicycle. She explains more about how students could better their odds at winning last night. 

“What we’re doing is promoting our vendor, so if you get a sticker and wear it, then you actually get a bonus entry,” Munoz said. “At the end of the night, we’re gonna run and pull these to see who our two lucky winners are.”

Inside the ballroom, there was light minigolf, air hockey, ax throwing, archery and other games. 

Seth Hilton, a freshman digital media major, Chad Thornton, a freshman construction management major, Kola Ajibola, a sophomore electrical engineering major, and Jarius Ransom, a sophomore computer science major, all went head to head in a match. After a round, everyone came to a consensus on a winner. 

“Kola’s the winner,” Ransom and Hilton stated. 

In the bridge lounge between the ballrooms, some people were having henna tattoos done, while others preferred a nice, challenging game of chess. Not only that, but students also had the chance to take home a personally designed Eastern bag or even a stuffed animal. Both seemed to be quite the hit, but according to Madison McCann, a senior sociology major, she had a very special little stuffed frog to take home with her. After some serious debate, it was decided that her new stuffed frog would be named Clarisse. 

“I’m excited to take my little frog home with me,” McCann said. 

As a final kicker, the second ballroom was divided into two sides. The left side was filled with arcade games such as skeeball, Pac-Man and even a car racing game. 

The right side was left open for students to try their hands and roller skating. And while there may have been some stumbles and falls, Kayla Gill, a junior psychology major, could not wait to try and get in the rink. 

“I haven’t gone roller skating in years,” Gill said.

Popcorn, chips, and refreshments were all being served at Pantherbash. 

With the theme of video games, the iconic Pac-Man made center stage once again, but this time, on a sugar cookie.

With the night falling to a close, students were able to take home so many meaningful tokens that makes this year’s Pantherbash a memorable event. 


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