Some classes to be mask optional after Spring Break

Madelyn Kidd, News Editor

Upon returning from Spring Break, Eastern faculty members are given the choice by the University to continue wearing masks in class or to be mask optional.

Eastern announced Monday, when students and faculty return from Spring Break there will be another mask policy update. This time making masks optional or required based on the professor’s choice.

This change follows the CDC and Illinois ending the classroom mask mandate for grades K through 12 in Illinois.

Starting March 21, some classes and learning experiences may be mask optional.

Some faculty members may choose to continue wearing masks in their classes, and such students should still carry a face covering with them in case a mask is still required.

The faculty designated mask decision can be applied to classrooms, studios, labs and other scheduled learning activities.

This choice is left entirely up to the faculty member in charge of the course.

There is still a mask requirement in place for Eastern’s Medical and Counseling Clinics, SHIELD testing in the Student Recreation Center, on Panther Shuttle and other Eastern-sponsored commercial transportation.

Masks can still be requested to be worn in individual offices, living spaces or in one on one meetings.

Anyone who still wishes to wear a mask, even when in a space where it is no longer required, are welcomed to do so and Eastern asks others to make assumptions based on others personal choice to continue wearing a mask.

If Illinois and Coles County continue to have a stable public health environment, Eastern is expecting all mask requirements in classrooms, labs and studios to be removed on May 7, and all learning spaces to be mask optional.


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