CAA breaks personal record


Chairperson of the Council of Academic Affairs, Richard Wilkinson, calls for a roll call vote for one of 50 proposals at Thursday’s meeting in Booth Library Witters Conference Room.

Madelyn Kidd, News Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs broke its record of how many proposals can be approved in one two-hour meeting with 50 proposals at Thursday’s meeting in Booth Library from the previous record of approximately 25 proposals.

The council went over 50 proposals during the meeting before the upcoming catalog deadline for the 2022-23 academic year. Proposals are brought to the CAA to be voted on for either course and program revisions or for new courses and revisions. 

Mid-March marks the deadline for the changes to be added to the 2022-23 catalog and any changes have to be approved by CAA prior to the deadline to be listed in the catalog.

At Thursday’s meeting, there were 18 course revision proposals, 20 program revisions, one new program and 10 new courses. 

One of the proposals, a music teacher licensure option program revision, was sent to the Council On Teacher Education, COTE, to be approved by that committee.

The proposals come from multiple departments including, Kinesiology, Sports and Recreation, Nutrition and Dietetics, Music, Communications and Journalism, Art, Communication Disorders and Sciences, Management and Accounting.

Minus the program revision sent to COTE, CAA unanimously approved all other 49 proposals, some with revisions and some without.

The 10 new courses are:

  • NTR-4758 Culinary Medicine
  • MUS-1102 Navigating the Music Major
  • CMN-3982 Social/Digital Media Analytics
  • CMN-4900 Advanced Topics in Communication Studies
  • ART-1749 Creative Practices: Fundamental Skills for Creative Success
  • MGT-4760 Seminar in Decision Making and Leadership
  • ACC-4760 Advanced Accounting Information Systems
  • JOU-2902 Copy Editing and Design
  • JOU-4420 Communication Law and Ethics
  • JOU-4730 Journalism Capstone Seminar

The 18 course revisions are:

  • KSR-1310 Aqua Exercise
  • KSR-1600 Introduction to Resistance Training and Conditioning
  • KSR-1692 Introduction to Group Fitness
  • KSR-4274 Pre-Internship and Career Development in KSR
  • KSR-4440 Physical Fitness Assessment and Evaluation
  • KSR-4450 Exercise Prescription
  • NTR-4940 Food Service Management
  • NTR-4752 Focus on Diabetes
  • NTR-1121 Food Service Sanitation
  • NTR-1120 Food Science
  • MUS-3581 Jazz History
  • CMN-3100 Persuasion
  • CMN-3270 Communication and Popular Culture
  • CMN-4650 Application in Organizational Communication
  • CMN-4680 Capstone in Communication Studies
  • CMN-4950 Workplace Relationships
  • CMN-4690 Honors Senior Seminar in CDS
  • JOU-2101 News Reporting and Writing

The one new program is a Communication minor with a concentration in strategic social media communication.

The 20 program revisions are:

  • Exercise Science: Pre-Occupational Therapy major
  • Exercise Science: Pre-Physical Therapy major
  • Exercise Science major
  • Nutrition and Dietetics major
  • Nutrition and Dietetics minor
  • Film Studies minor
  • Music catalog language revisions
  • Music: Open Studies major
  • Music with a performance concentration major
  • Art History major
  • Bachelors in Art: Graphic Design major
  • Bachelors in Fine Arts Graphic Design major
  • Bachelors in Art: Studio Art
  • Bachelors in Fine Arts Studio Art
  • Fashion Merchandise major
  • Management major
  • Human Resource Management minor
  • Journalism major
  • Journalism minor

CAA went back to meeting in-person for this meeting in Booth Library in the Witters Conference Room.

Previously this semester, CAA has been meeting virtually on Zoom.

CAA will be meeting next week again in-person in the conference room in Booth Library.


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