2022 Pantherpalooza provides students a way to get involved on-campus


Rob Le Cates

Emily Schlueter, a freshman accounting major, and Martin Osei, president of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, a graduate student studying sustainability and computer technology, table for the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at Pantherpalooza on Tuesday. The event showcases RSOs on campus that students are able to join to meet new people and get involved on campus.

Madelyn Kidd, News Editor

The spring 2022 Pantherpalooza took place Tuesday in the Union providing an opportunity to hundreds of students to sign up and get involved with over 100 participating RSOs.

There were various Registered Student Organizations, RSOs, at Pantherpalooza including Greek RSOs, service RSOs, religious RSOs, multicultural RSOs and others.

University Board members Destiny Dye, the human potential coordinator, a senior early childhood education major, and Hannah Lawrence, the spotlight coordinator, a freshman pre-nursing major, advertise and promote University Board at Pantherpalooza on Tuesday. (Rob Le Cates)

At a table for the Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honors society, senior biology concentrated in pre-med Savannah Ettien welcomed and talked with students interested in joining Alpha Epsilon Delta.

Ettien talked about how beneficial Pantherpalooza is for gaining more members.

“I think it’s very beneficial because a lot of the time freshmen and sophomores have trouble finding different niche groups,” Ettien said. 

“But this puts everything together all at once and allows everybody to find things that they are personally interested in really quickly without having to walk away or across campus and read a poster about the next meeting,” Ettien said.

Ettien said that while she didn’t join Alpha Epsilon Delta by going to Pantherpalooza since her first Pantherpalooza was this year, she wished she got to go when she was a underclassman.

“I haven’t been to Pantherpalooza until this year actually,” said Ettien. “Because I would always have class during Pantherpalooza, and I was in band my freshman year. So, being here I wish I came here when I was younger. This would have been great.”

Marah Klett, a sophomore music theory major, and Caeli Haab, a sophomore psychology major table and represent the Gamer’s Guild Registered Student Organization at Pantherpalooza on Tuesday. (Rob Le Cates)

Katherine Monatelli, a senior psychology major, is a part of Cause for Paws, an organization which funds volunteers to help at local animal shelters.

Monatelli talked about how Pantherpalooza is a great opportunity for recruiting for Cause for Paws.

“It’s actually super beneficial because during the year it’s hard to advertise our club, and it’s a good moment to get other people’s attention that are interested in clubs because those are the people that actually show up to Pantherpalooza,” Monatelli said.

Montelli said Pantherpalooza was how she joined Cause for Paws her freshman year.

Rhea Sparrow, a campus staff intern for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, said this was her first Pantherpalooza, but that it’s a great experience.

“This is my first Pantherpalooza, but it’s been great to meet new faces and hopefully it’ll be very beneficial,” Sparrow said.


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