CAA votes for new computer information technology course


Rob Le Cates

Council of Academic Affairs Chair Richard Wilkinson opens a discussion about Honors course HON 1191 at the Nov. 11 meeting in the Witter’s Conference Room. The Council unanimously in favor of revising Honors course, HON 1191.

Madelyn Kidd, News Editor

The Council of Academic Affairs approved a new computer and information technology course to start in the fall 2022 semester at Thursday’s meeting.

At the meeting, item 21-106 proposed a new course in the computer and information technology department, CIT-4883, which was unanimously approved by the CAA.

Toqeer Israr, associate professor and computer and information technology coördinator, talked to CAA about the new course and what the class would include during the proposal.

“This course basically talks about virtualization technologies,” Israr said. “We are talking about how to teach students how to set up a virtual system.”

Israr also discussed why this course is needed for students and the benefits if students have this class available to them.

“This is absolutely something that my students will need when they graduate; they could potentially work in this area,” Israr said. 

CAA also unanimously approved item 21-102 with a change in the journalism honors program.

The change being made is the removal of the course JOU-2091G Journalism and Democracy, Honors as an honors course required in the journalism department honors.

Instead, the plan is for journalism honors students to focus on independent study rather than take a required course.

This change will be in effect for the fall 2022 semester.

CAA approved unanimously for a revision in changes to the senior seminar written wording in the catalog about senior seminars in item 21-105.

The two changes being made is to change the name “General Education Seminar” to just Senior Seminar because there are many versions of the general education seminar beneath it compared to when it was last named.

There will also be a change to add the fact that senior seminars are writing intensive.

These changes will be in effect for the fall 2022 semester.

CAA meets every Thursday at 2 p.m. each week classes are in session either virtually through Zoom or in Booth Library in the Witters Conference room. 

Last week’s meeting and this week’s were virtual meetings on Zoom.


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