Eastern alum missing after plane crash


Corryn Brock, Editor-in-Chief

Eastern alum Sue Borries is missing after a private plane splashed into the Pacific off the coast of Panama and sank Monday.

The Associated Press is reporting that Borries is one of two American citizens missing from the crash. Three others who were aboard the private flight have been rescued.

The plane, a single-engine, five-seat Piper Cherokee Six, was heading to Chame from Contadora Island.

Director of Civil Aviation Authority Gustavo Pérez Morales told the Telemetro television station that the pilot of the plane radioed that the plane was having engine issues and would have to splash into the water.

“We were able to locate the aircraft’s coordinates at the moment it splashed down, and that is how we were able to carry out the rescue,” Pérez Morales said.

Pérez Morales said the pilot told authorities the aircraft sank so fast they were unable to use the life raft or life jackets.

“I don’t know why they didn’t put on life jackets at the right moment,” Pérez Morales said. “This is a rule that planes flying for a long time over the ocean should have life jackets and a raft for any emergency.”

Borries is a two-time Eastern alum and was a longtime teacher at Teutopolis resident before moving to Panama.


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