EDITORIAL: Last daily print edition a sign of the times

Editorial Board

In 1915, three students, Ivan Goble, Ed McGurty and Ernest Bails, banded together to create the Normal School News with the intention of covering Eastern’s football team.

Those three students, unbeknownst to them, created a tradition that would carry on for over 100 years. That tradition, student-led journalism, is as strong today as it was 106 years ago.

In those 106 years, our world has changed a lot. Specifically, more student media organizations have come and gone to fill in the news needs of the campus community.

That is what is happening today.

With this last edition of the daily print publication we have held close to our identity for the last half-century, we are moving to more closely align with the needs of our readers.

The fact of the matter, no matter how much the print edition means to us, people are less likely to get their campus news by picking up a newspaper. Most people want to scroll through their newsfeeds on social media and find their news that way.

As we transition to having more emphasis on online storytelling and less on print editions, we at The Daily Eastern News want to ensure our readers that we will not cover Eastern and the surrounding community any less.

We are still committed to ensuring our campus is informed.

We will still strive to hold our university and city officials accountable.

We will make the best out of this change and shift to making more multimedia content to accompany the news we cover.

This change is going to take some time to get used to and we are expecting some growing pains, but this change is an important step in keeping our student journalists prepared for the world ahead of them.

The possibilities for this publication, as they were 106 years, are endless and we are excited to see where these changes will take us and the students after us.


Corryn Brock, Editor-in-Chief

Madelyn Kidd, Managing Editor

Theo Edwards, Opinions Editor

Luke Taylor, News Editor

Kyara Morales-Rodriguez, Associate News Editor

Adam Tumino, Sports Editor

Ashanti Thomas, Photo Editor