CAA to vote on IEC control over virtual study abroad courses


Rob Le Cates

Council of Academic Affairs Chair Richard Wilkinson opens a discussion about Honors course HON 1191 at the Nov. 11 meeting in the Witter’s Conference Room. The Council unanimously in favor of revising Honors course, HON 1191.

Corryn Brock, Editor-in-Chief

A proposal being voted on by the Council of Academic Affairs Thursday afternoon could give the International Education Council control over virtual study abroad courses.

Needing approval from both the CAA and the Council on Graduate Student, IEC was given control over curriculum oversight for virtual study abroad course proposals for the 2021 summer and fall semesters.

Now, IEC is asking to be the official curriculum governance body for future virtual study abroad programs.

All virtual or remote study abroad courses will have the same elements: “the substance of the course is foreign/international in scope and breadth, have experiential components through virtual means, entail some synchronous interaction with individuals at the international study site, which may be
external faculty members, colleagues at partner institutions, host families, international experts, inter alia, one to three credit hour limitation, these courses would not count toward the university Senior Seminar requirement and separate course fees may be utilized to cover possible expenses with international experiences upon gaining appropriate approval.”

The proposal will need to be approved by both the CAA and the CGS.

The council will also vote on a proposal to changes in the Department of Human Service and Community Leadership.

A proposal from the College of Health and Human Services is requesting the following:

  • Change the name of the Department of Human Services and Community Leadership to Department of Human Services
  • Change the name of the BS in Human Services Program Administration to BS in Human Services
  • Change the name of the minor in Human Services Program Administration to the minor in Human Services
  • Change the name of the MS in Human Services Program Administration to MS in Human Services

The proposal explains that the changes would be for clarity and to showcase what all the major encompasses.

“The departmental title, Human Services and Community Leadership, can be confusing for
prospective students and limits their perspective on our programs … Human Services is an umbrella term that better represents the fact that our major and profession are broad,” the proposal reads.

Revisions to the admission requirements for the traditional nursing program will also be up for a vote.

Potential changes include opening up applications for the program in the spring of students’ freshman year rather than the fall semester of sophomore year, not allowing external transfer students that have attended another college and completed prerequisites and the addition of explicit heath and safety compliance requirements.

The proposal stated “After implementing and marketing the program and implementing it, there emerged some issues. One issue is unclear language.”

The rationale explained changes were for clarity, to help admit “compassionate, dedicated applicants” and from advice from the legal department.

Changes to the Issues and Practicum in Professional Nursing program will also be voted on. The changes being proposed are meant to align the capstone course with accreditation guidelines.

CAA will meet at 2 p.m. in Booth Library’s Witters Conference Room.


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