CAA to vote on revisions to meeting and event management minor


Rob Le Cates

Council of Academic Affairs member Kiran Padmaraju motions in favor of adding an item to the agenda at the Oct. 28 meeting. The council voted on a proposed departmental honors program for the Department of Human Services and Community Leadership with all present members approving.

Kyara Morales-Rodriguez, Associate News Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs will be discussing revisions to two existing courses during its meeting at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Booth Library’s Witters Conference Room.

The council will vote on revisions to the meeting and event management minor.

According to the proposal, in spring 2020, HTM 3700 (Wedding Events Management) was approved by the CAA as a new course. If approved, the revision in the meeting and event management minor would include HTM 3700 as a minor elective.

The revision would also bring the minor to 18 credits, previously being at 15 credits, “as well as provide flexibility for students by loosening the selection of electives.”

The current version of the minor includes three required courses. It also requires students to choose between taking HTM 3740 (Professional Hospitality Meeting Management) or HTM 4340 (Conventions and Trade Shows), and taking CMN 3950 (Conferences and Event Planning) or REC 3320 (Festivals and Special Events).

The proposed revision to the minor includes two required courses and gives students the opportunity to choose four courses from a list of seven courses.

If approved, the revision would also include an elective choice of either HTM 3370 (Ethical and Legal Environment of HTM) or BUS 2750 (Legal and Social Environment of Business). The proposal states that these courses would “provide coverage of contracts, liability, and other pertinent issues” and that “no courses currently in the minor are removed in this revision.”

The proposal for the revision also states that the minor had originally “been approved for all majors except Hospitality and Tourism, but that statement has been omitted from the catalog language; this revision corrects that omission.”

The proposed revision also states that “students in the Hospitality and Tourism degree program may not declare the Meeting and Event Management minor.”

The CAA will also be voting on proposed revisions for a Honors course, HON 1191.

HON 1191 is a course that “explores the challenges of leadership and reflective learning in the context of contemporary issues and ideas,” according to the catalog course description. The revision will change the course’s name from Honors First-Year Seminar to First-year Presidential Scholars Seminar.

The rationale for this proposal states that “This existing course is being modified to change its name to reflect that it is intended for freshman presidential and Pemberton presidential scholars. The description is being updated to better reflect the way the course is currently being taught.”


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