Student Senate to vote on 3 new RSOs


Rob Le Cates

Intrem Speaker Katelynn Alexander, a senior political science major was elected into the intrem speaker position at the Oct. 20 Student Government meeting. Unlike the past two meetings, this meeting was the first to meet quorum since Sept. 26. This will be Alexander’s second semester serving in the Student Senate.

Theo Edwards, Opinions Editor

After meeting quorum last week, the first to meet quorum since Sept. 26, Student Government has three new emergency bills on the agenda to approve for registered student organizations. 

The first emergency bill is for a student organization named Majorettes. 

The second emergency bill is for a Creative Writing Club RSO. There was previously a Creative Writing Club at Eastern, but in the registered student organizations it is no longer shown as active. 

The third emergency bill to be voted upon on the agenda is an RSO to be called the Culturally Diverse Society. 

All three emergency bills were signed and submitted by Terence Trimuel who is the current Student Vice President of for Student Affairs. 

Executive reports will be given by the Student Government board, with the addition of Katelynn Alexander giving the Speaker of the Senate report as the newly elected Speaker of the Student Senate. 

Following executive reports are the various committee reports of Academic Affairs, Alumni Relations, Business Affairs, Diversity Affairs, External Relations, Internal Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Enhancements. 

There is no old business on the agenda to approve and advisor reports will be given by Ceci Brinker and a graduate advisor report from Justin Richards.  

Like in previous meetings, the Student Government meeting will be held at 7th St. Underground at the MLK Union. 

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