Faculty Senate to discuss enrollment numbers on Tuesday


Staff Report

Editor’s note: This article has been corrected to accurately portray the number of students and enrolled credit hours.

Faculty Senate will meet Tuesday afternoon to go through their usual reports and talk about Eastern’s enrollment numbers.

Josh Norman, the associate vice president for enrollment management, will be the guest speaker this week and will provide an enrollment update.

Eastern’s 10th Day enrollment numbers showed a total of 4,714 full-time students and 3,894 part-time students, including high school dual credit students.

This meant that on campus, enrollment went up 2.9 percent.

Off-campus, not including high school dual enrollment students, enrollment went down 11.09 percent.

High school dual credit students account for a large portion of total credit hours with a current count of 9,084 credit hour.

The rest of the enrolled credit hours as of the 10th Day report are was follows:

  • 15,877; Freshmen
  • 12,476; Sophomores
  • 14,976; Juniors
  • 17,821; Senior
  • 430; Post-Baccalaureate Undergraduate Students
  • 355; Post-Baccalaureate Graduate Students
  • 11,855; Graduate Students

The conversation at tomorrow’s faculty senate meeting may include updates to these numbers, but enrollment rarely changes drastically after the 10th day of the semester.

Faculty senate chair Todd Bruns will give the provost’s report.

Committee reports will be given on the Executive Committee, Elections and Nominations, the Student and Staff Relations Committee, the Awards Committee and the Faculty Forum Committee.

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