EDITORIAL: Indigenous Peoples’ Day importance


Editorial Staff

On Friday, Oct. 8, Biden made two proclamations in relation to Oct. 11, both about Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 

It was officially proclaimed that Oct. 11 will be Indigenous Peoples’ Day, something we at The Daily Eastern News support. 

We commend Biden for acknowledging the suffering of Indigenous Peoples, especially in relation to the pandemic.  

Biden said, “Further, in recognition that the pandemic has harmed Indigenous peoples at an alarming and disproportionate rate, Native communities have led the way in connecting people with vaccination, boasting some of the highest rates of any racial or ethnic group.” 

Also mentioned is the obligation the Federal Government has to help Indigenous people and as well to not interfere with Tribal Nations governing their own communities. 

It is not only the Federal Government that should help Indigenous people, but it is up to every one of us. 

Through centuries of violence, displacement, forced assimilation along with stolen culture and lives, there has already been so much lost. But it is not too late to stay educated and provide assistance when able. 

What is important to note is that this falls on the same day as Columbus Day, which will still be recognized as a federal holiday. 

For Columbus Day we should stay dedicated to the truth of raising awareness about the genocide in which the name of the federal holiday follows. 

No longer should we erase that from our history books and glorify Christopher Columbus for “discovering America,” on a continent filled with people in which he brought devastation.