National Coffee Day celebrated Wednesday


Robert Newman III

Sabrina Bunting, a freshman majoring in english language arts, makes a strawberry smoothie for a customer.

Katja Benz, Campus Reporter

Even though many college students enjoy drinking coffee, they may not realize that there is both an International Coffee Day and a National coffee day. National Coffee Day is Wednesday and International Coffee Day is on Oct. 1st.

Java Beanery and Bakery, Eastern’s campus coffee shop, has celebrated those days in past years. Java’s menu includes a variety of hot and iced drinks as well as baked goods.

Angelina Perez, a senior criminology major, who has been working at Java for two years.

“I know last year we had printed out signs that we put here and we had coffee tasting from the Asian countries,” Perez said. “But this year, I honestly haven’t heard about anything.”

However, Java will offer samples of their menu items for customers when asked.

“More likely than not, we do have samples. Because of COVID though we’re not allowed to keep them behind the counter and we hand them to the customer whenever we want one,” Perez said. “We usually have signs out saying ‘please ask for a sample of a blueberry muffin or ask for a sample of the pumpkin spice.’ But we do have samples every day in the mornings.”

Unlike Starbucks, Java is not taking reusable coffee mugs at this time because of concerns about COVID-19.

Drink options at Java include smoothies, various kinds of hot and iced coffees and tea with optional flavor syrups. These change from time to time as they offer seasonal flavors.

“For December we have the peppermint. Peppermint mocha is really popular around that time.” Perez said.  “We do have pumpkin spice. We also have toasted marshmallow as a seasonal flavor and salted caramel as a seasonal flavor.”

These syrup flavors are offered in the fall.

There are also various creamer flavors available as well as a toaster for use if customers order baked goods like bagels.

There is also plenty of seating for guests to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends if they don’t want to take their order to go. Java’s seating area has couches, lounge chairs, high tables and low tables.

People also go to Java to study in a calming environment. Students are there completing homework on their laptops or grabbing a quick bite before class.

Perez recommends that customers try the salted caramel mocha.

“The only difference is I make it the way Starbucks makes it and instead of putting salted caramel in it, I put toffee in it with mocha,” Perez said. “It’s my favorite drink that I’ve made and like to recommend to people when they ask me. They always ask me ‘Oh my gosh, what is this? I want to order it again.’”

Java Beanery and Bakery is located in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union, next to the University bookstore. Java takes credit cards as well as dining dollars and cash.


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