Circus at Doudna Tuesday


Ryan Meyer, Multimedia Reporter

An evening of acrobatics and live music will take place in the Dvorak Concert Hall in Doudna on Tuesday evening at 7:30 by way of “Le Cirque Esprit.”

Performing will be the Boston Circus Guild and the band CORDIS.

Dennis Malak, the director of programming, publicity and promotion for Doudna, described the event as a multimedia performance of circus and live music.

“It brings together the kind of unique identity of American circus and it pairs it with contemporary music, there’s going to be a huge light rig brought in for this, some aerial work, it’s kind of a one-of-a-kind thing, it’s not done often,” Malak said. “Most times you’ll see things performed to tracks, but this is with live music.”

According to a description by Landspeed Artist Management, “Le Cirque Esprit has established a unique identity in American circus by framing the pioneering contemporary music of CORDIS under a spectacular tapestry of lights, acrobatics, aerial work.”

Malak also mentioned some of the acts and skills the performers would be doing, all above the live music of CORDIS.

“They’re going to have a balancing act, some silks, where they climb and do silk work, they’ll do some juggling, contortion, aerial hoops, things like that,” Malak said. “So it’s a really big production that will be just overall entertaining with really high quality new music performed underneath it.”

The group has their own setup that they are able to bring to their shows in order to adapt to venues that might not be able to provide everything a traveling aerial circus requires. The process of setting everything up begins Monday night and leads into a morning of rehearsals and a masterclass.

“This company bought everything it needed to sustain itself anywhere,” Malak said. “So they’re going to be bringing in all the stuff, we’re going to be setting it up tonight in anticipation of the event, and then we’ll be setting up a little bit more tomorrow, probably going through some rehearsals, we’ll have a masterclass at 11 tomorrow morning, and then we will have the show at 7:30.”

Anyone can enjoy the high-flying feats, Malak said, and many will, judging by the encouraging ticket sales.

“It should be a really cool, kind of spectacular event,” Malak said. “Really big, family, fun for everyone, any age. Tickets are going fast for us, so we’re really excited about that.”

Tickets are $20 for general admission, $15 for Eastern employees and $10 for students.

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