City Council approves $8M loan plan


Luke Taylor, News Editor

Charleston’s City Council authorized a plan to borrow $8.5 million from the Water Pollution Control Loan Program to improve the city’s sewage systems.

During the meeting Tuesday, Mayor Brandon Combs reminded the council members and other attendees of the process that went into the decision to borrow the loan.

“This is something that we’ve been talking about for quite a while about our wastewater treatment plant nutrient removal project,” Combs said.

According to the ordinance document on the city council’s meeting agenda, “the Mayor and City Council of the City of Charleston (‘the Corporate Authorities’) have determined that it is advisable, necessary and in the best interests of public health, safety and welfare to improve the System.”

According to Combs, a bid opening was held on Sept. 8, 2021, and there were four bidders. Williams Brother Construction was the low bidder at $7,435,000.

“This is an extremely large project,” Combs said. “That’s why this has been on our radar for a long time.”

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency required an additional 3% contingency. Along with design engineering and construction engineering, the total cost of this project will be $8.5 million.

The council approved an ordinance which authorizes the city to proceed with the process to obtain a 20-year loan at 1.01 percent interest.

City council also approved a raffle license for the East Central Harmony Chorus, which they will use to raise funds for the New Hope Worship Center food pantry.

The Mayor of the City of Charleston, Brandon Combs, has declared a continuation of the Local State of Emergency. The rising numbers of COVID-19 cases have affected the citizens to such an extent that measures must be taken for the betterment of public health.

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