COLUMN: Check out Kasabi Hibachi and Sushi on Wheels

Destiny Blanchard

Destiny Blanchard

Destiny Blanchard, Columnist

As someone who is used to living in places with a seemingly endless variety of foods, one of my complaints about Charleston is its lack of variation when it comes to restaurant options.

We do have a good amount of Mexican restaurants, pizza places and of course fast food, but there is definitely a lot we are missing out on.

Whenever I have had a chance to go back home or leave Charleston, the first thing I do is get food that I had been craving since being back to school. Most recently I was craving good sushi and was considering leaving Charleston to get some.

Imagine my surprise when I looked up sushi and discovered that we have a brand new restaurant in town. There is a new food truck called Kasabi Hibachi and Sushi on Wheels, located on Lincoln Avenue. After a quick skim through the menu and look through the reviews I decided to order from them.

Now I’m no sushi connoisseur by any means, but I’ve had my share of enough basic sushi rolls to confirm that it was fresh and delicious.

I ordered their spicy California roll and their Philly roll. Both rolls came in eight pieces and were reasonably priced, perfect for a college student who is too lazy to make their own dinner or is tired of campus food.

The spicy California roll had a good flavor and just enough of a spicy kick, and the Philly roll’s salmon was fresh and had the perfect texture.

The food truck restaurant opened in Charleston in early August and has had several positive reviews from Charleston locals.

Since I enjoyed their basic sushi so much I plan on trying one of their other rolls next time I go.

Some of them include the Dragon Roll, Chicago Roll and the deep-fried EIU roll (Avocado, cream cheese, crab meat, topped with spicy crab with chef sauce).

And for those who are not the biggest sushi fans, they also have a variety of hibachi entrees, noodle dishes and many sides and appetizers.

Something they also serve that is quite popular to the college demographic is boba tea. There are 10 different boba tea options on their menu with topping options such as Poppins, jelly and of course boba.

My overall first impression is overwhelmingly positive. The food came out quickly and was delicious, and the service I received was wonderful.

At the moment delivery is not available so you’ll have to go in person (I would recommend calling ahead). I think it’s great that we are able to add this small business to our list of local favorites, and I encourage everyone to try it out as well.

Destiny Blanchard is a senior management major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]