CAA met and discussed Senior Seminar requirements


Janiya Fair

The Council of Academic Affairs held a meeting Sept. 16 in Booth library.

Staff Report

The Council for Academic Affairs met briefly Tuesday to discuss action items including allowing capstone classes for senior seminars.

If the council approves this proposal, students in departments with capstone classes would be allowed to replace their student seminar with their capstone class.

According to the proposal, “the Senior Seminar (SS) requirement had noble and reasonable beginnings. It was intended to require students to step outside their major fields for one class in their senior years, allowing them to see how their field of study connected to the larger university mission. Although students in the course would be non-majors, it was mandated that the course be rigorous enough for a Senior-level class.”

CAA also discussed committee members for the General Education Committee.

Billy Hung, associate professor of biological sciences, said that his summer course schedule interfered with his position on the committee.

Sace Elder, history department chair, nominated herself for the position and was approved.

No items were voted on during the meeting but three items were added to the agenda for the Sept. 23 meeting. The items include revising the Electronic Writing Portfolio requirement for the clinical laboratory sciences major, a new computer science course focuses on teaching computer science and a revision of the exit evaluation requirement for the psychology major.

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