Latinx flag raised Wednesday


Ashanti Thomas

Luis Paniagua, a senior graphic design major, and the recruitment chair and secretary for Alpha Psi Lambda, shows his excitement after raising the Latino Heritage Flag.

Ethan Schobernd, Campus Reporter

The Latino Heritage Month committee kicked off the new month by sharing their heritage with the campus Wednesday.

The group performed a flag-raising ceremony in recognition of Latino Heritage Month at noon in the south quad of campus.

Luis Paniagua, a senior graphic design major, serves as the Secretary and Recruitment Chair of Alpha Psi Lambda and is responsible for designing the flag.

“Since this is barely new, it’s pretty historic that we finally got to put up a Latino Heritage Month flag. And hopefully all of the other months can also put up flags as well,” Paniagua said.

Paniagua said that this flag-raising was a very important moment for him.

“I think it’s very important, especially for me, because you can’t have that sense of representation on your own campus,” Paniagua said. “And, definitely, I support, 100 percent, whatever [organization] wants to put up their flag. It’s very important just to have that representation within your own minority group, or just group in general.”

Alexandra Tinajero, a senior human services major, is Alpha Psi Lambda’s president and member of the Latino Heritage Month committee.

“Very proud, very happy to have a presence here on campus, especially EIU,” Tinajero said. “It’s a big moment for all Latinos all across Eastern and other universities can see we are making our mark here and we’re here to stay.”

Tinajero sees this flag-raising as a reassurance that Latinx students have a home at Eastern.

“All universities are very diverse,” Tinajero said. “It’s good to let students know they have a place here and that they belong. There are many others just like them and they can find a home away from home while pursuing their degree.”

Olivia Amaya Lemus, instructor of Spanish, is also a Latino Heritage Month committee member.

“I think that it’s so important to have these types of events, because that’s how we recognize that we have Latino students, and we see them, and we care about them,” Lemus said. “So, these types of events help to promote their culture, but it also recognizes our Latino students on campus.”

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