Pantherpalooza scheduled for Tuesday


Iliana Ingram

Students talk at the Delta Chi table Wednesday afternoon at Pantherpalooza in the University Ballroom.

Rob Le Cates, Associate Photo Editor

This semester’s Pantherpalooza will be held Tuesday, Aug. 31 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. between the MLK Union Ballroom and the University Grand Ballroom. Students are encouraged to attend and get involved with student organizations.

Pantherpalooza is a biannual event Eastern holds to get the student body involved with different Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).

All EIU students, employees, and campus guests will be required to wear masks indoors during the event.

Some programs at the event will include Greek sororities and fraternities and clubs such as the Black Student Union, Student Government, Reserved Officers’ Training Corps, and Latin America Student Organization as well as other academic and service organizations.

Justin Richards, a graduate student studying strategic communications, is a Student Life Office graduate assistant who said that Pantherpalooza is an event meant to highlight some of the RSOs on campus. 

“This is an opportunity for all students to, not only get involved but to see what EIU has to offer for clubs, organizations, and student programs,” Richards said.

Richards said that each participating organization will have a table to show what they have to offer.

“We pride ourselves on being able to offer these fairs to show students what there all is on campus,” Richards said.

Director of Student Life, Ceci Brinker, said that she is excited to see how the turnout is for this year’s event.

“We made a concerted effort and a decision late last spring if the opportunity presented itself, that we would definitely do it in-person,” Brinker said. “Our original plan was to do it outside, but we knew the weather would be a factor so it will be in-person but indoors.”

Brinker said that COVID-19 was a hurdle she had to jump with last semester’s Pantherpalooza being virtual.

“Especially coming out of COVID, the majority of our student organizations were not very active over the last year to year and a half,” Brinker said. “So, utilizing Pantherpalooza to showcase and allow those groups to make some connections, not only with their members, but also the students who want to get involved.”

Brinker said that she was grateful that this semester, Pantherpalooza could be in-person instead of virtual. 

“It was important that they were given this opportunity; with the safety and health of other students being the priority, we were still able to make it happen.”

Richards said he wants to thank the Union staff for their help with the setup of the event.

“We especially thank the staff here at the Union, Cathy Engelkes and the building service workers for not only their help setting this up but to make it possible for our students,” Richards said.

Brinker said she hopes that students will participate and enjoy the event.

“I just hope students come out to see all the various clubs and organizations,” Brinker said. “We have some great organizations on this campus and great opportunities for new and returning students to get involved, and the purpose of this is for them to find a way they can make a difference and an impact.”

Richards said he wants to recover the community via this event.

“We just want our students to get involved, we know Covid hit hard this is our opportunity to bring student life back,” Richards said.

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